Patrick Stewart is returning to TV as Captain Jean-Luc Picard

This upcoming TV series will not be a reboot, instead it will focus on the next chapter of Picard’s life.

Patrick Stewart will be making a return to Star Trek via CBS’ All Access video-on-demand service. According to media reports, Stewart is set to reclaim his iconic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Reportedly, this upcoming series will not be a reboot, instead it will focus on the next chapter of Picard’s life.

The surprise announcement was set in stone by Stewart himself at a Star Trek convention over the weekend. The event, held in Las Vegas, saw hoards of fans leap to their feet when Stewart made his way on stage. The excitement of the crowd was palpable when he confirmed the news that he would, indeed, be making a come back as Picard.

Outside of the confirmed return, CBS has kept additional information under wraps when it comes to the title, the number of episodes, and the expected premiere date. Interestingly, this upcoming show led by Stewart will be CBS’ third Star Trek series to hit All Access. The others include Star Trek: Discovery and a shorter yet more in-depth series called Short Treks.

According to reports, CBS will continue to develop Discovery as an independent show – it’s set to return in early 2019.

Acclaimed show-runner Alex Kurtzman – who just recently inked a $25 million deal with CBS – will be a member of the unnamed show’s creative team, alongside Stewart who will also serve as an executive producer. Other members of the team include Heather Kadin who’s the president of Kurzman’s production company, Trevor Roth, and Rod Roddenberry – the son of Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry.

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The original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired more than 170 episodes over the course of seven seasons from 1987 – 1994. During its initial run, it went on to win a prestigious Peabody Award and nearly 20 Emmys. The Captain’s last official appearance occurred in the 2002 film ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’.