Oreo and Microsoft are making cookies together

Microsoft teams up with Oreo to share the importance of taking breaks during the workday

OREO THINS x Microsoft 365 Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack

To mark this October’s National Cookie Month, Oreo and Microsoft have teamed up to create a limited-edition cookie that encourages you to take short breaks during the workday. While a 15-minute break from work won’t completely fix burnout in the workplace, both brands believe that a quick snack break can help you reset your brain from the stress of consecutive meetings and seemingly never-ending deadlines.

Oreo x Microsoft cookie collab

The break-treat co-created by the two companies is called OREO THINS Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack. Each “expansion” pack of this limited-edition cookies includes custom-packaged OREO THINS emblazoned with helpful office tips from the iconic Microsoft office assistant, Clippy. It also comes with a Clippy Dippy, a must-have special accessory designed to keep your hands milk-free while dunking cookies during your snack break.


The OREO THINS Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack is part of the THINVITE, an upcoming three-day snack break event organized by OREO THINS and Microsoft 365. THINVITE is a 15-minute hold that blocks your calendar from 2:00 – 2:15 pm ET or 11:00 to 11:15 a.m. PT on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd that will make your much-needed snack break more fun than ever.

It will include a special Microsoft Teams live event link to the entertainment every workplace is hungry for—a glimpse into a day at the office for eight playful pups. The short video, Return to Pawfice, will debut during the first snack break on November 1st and stream during each THINVITE session. Anyone with the link can join!

To join the THINVITE sessions, visit the OREO THINVITE page and sign up.

OREO THINS emojis on Microsoft Teams

As part of the collab, two OREO THINS emojis have also been added to Microsoft Teams. Simply type “oreo” or “oreoyum” in your Teams chat emoji search box to find them. Once they appear in the compose bar, just click or tap the one you want to send and press Enter or Send. These OREO emojis are the perfect way to playfully remind your colleagues to hit refresh with a snack break.

Oreo emoji
Oreo emoji
Oreoyum emoji
Oreoyum emoji

Beyond the collab

In a blog post, Colette Stallbaumer, General Manager at Microsoft 365 and Future of Work, wrote that they had a great time working with OREO THINS and planning the THINVITEs. But more than that, Stallbaumer emphasized the purpose of the collab, which is to share the importance of taking breaks during the workday.

“Breaks are an essential part of your workday to support wellbeing,” she wrote. “That’s why we build features into technologies like Microsoft Viva to help people schedule focus sessions, meditate and set aside time for breaks.”

Source: Microsoft
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