Oreo is ringing in the new year with a Brookie-O flavor

The limited-edition Brookie-O Oreos are hitting store shelves this January

Oreo is ringing in the new year with a Brookie-O flavor 1

New year, new Oreo flavors!

Two days before the end of 2020, Oreo announced that it is releasing a Brookie-O flavor in 2021. Brookie-O Oreos are inspired by everyone’s favorite cookie-brownie hybrid, the brookie. But instead of just combining the flavors of cookie and brownie together, Oreo is incorporating a third element into the mix.

Unlike any other Oreo variant, Brookie-O Oreos boast a three-layer crème, consisting of brownie, cookie dough, and original Oreo filling.

Oreo said in a tweet the new flavor will be available to purchase in retail stores this January. But Instagram user @junkfoodleaks_ had gotten their hands on the new flavor ahead of the release, and based on their review, Brookie-O Oreos are worth trying out.

Giving the new flavor an 8.4 out of 10 rating, @junkfoodleaks_ wrote that Brookie-O Oreos “might be one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup like this.” The Instagram user, however, felt that the flavor of the cookie dough crème could be richer.

“The brownie is great, your traditional Oreo icing is great- and the cookie dough shines, though I wish that was a bit stronger of a flavor,” @junkfoodleaks_  shared. “If you’ve eaten raw dough before, you’ll know that this is missing that little bit of oomph.”

Brookie-O Oreos joins the list of other previously announced Oreo flavors that are set to be released this month, including the new Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos, Java Chip Oreos, and Gluten-free Oreos.

Unlike the latter, which is permanently joining Oreo’s product offerings, Brookie-O Oreos will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get your hands as many packs as you can as soon as it hits store shelves.

Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos
Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos
Java Chip Oreos
Java Chip Oreos
Gluten-free Oreos
Gluten-free Oreos

Since 2012, which marked the 100th anniversary of the classic cookie, Oreo has released 65 new flavors. In an interview with The New York Times last month, Oreo senior director Justin Parnell revealed that the company is continuously releasing new variants in an attempt to draw consumers back to its plain, original cookie.

Parnell explained that the ideal scenario is that consumers go to stores to “pick up that classic Oreo variety that they love, whether it’s the original or Golden or Double Stuf, in addition to the limited edition.”

“Their job is really how do we continue to excite our fans and drive growth through flavor innovation,” added Parnell of Oreo’s flavor-innovation team.

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