Microsoft is making official Minecraft ice cream

The N!CK’S x Minecraft ice cream comes in four different flavors

The four flavors NICK'S x Minecraft ice cream in their respective pint containers

The first-ever officially licensed Minecraft ice cream is now available for purchase.

As first announced last week, the Microsoft-owned sandbox video game has teamed up with snacks brand N!CK’S for a limited-edition collection of light ice creams.

N!CK’S x Minecraft ice creams

Developed using N!CK’s patented food science technology and flavor expertise, N!CK’S x Minecraft ice creams are delicious treats that offer a healthier alternative to the full-fat and high-calorie ice creams on the market.

N!CK’S and Minecraft developer Mojang Studios are both Swedish companies. But aside from their shared heritage, the two brands were also brought together by their mutual desire to provide healthier snack and dessert options in and beyond the gaming community.

Featuring elements unique to the game, the N!CK’S x Minecraft ice cream comes in four keto-friendly flavors, which are as follows:

Emerald minta (4g net carbs; 270 calories per pint): Creamy mint ice cream peppered with tasty peppermint chips.

Cake Blocka (5g net carbs; 270 calories per pint): Creamy birthday cake ice cream is swirled with luscious strawberry and dotted with sprinkles!

Peanöt Choklad Glowdust (5g net carbs; 370 calories per pint): Rich chocolate ice cream with little gold mines of peanut butter cups.

Enchanted Äpple Pie (5g net carbs; 280 calories per pint): Sweet apple pie ice cream and a magical swirl of graham cracker crumble

In addition to owning the iconic square pixelation design from the game, each pint of the N!CK’S x Minecraft ice cream is also packaged in distinctive square containers as a physical embodiment of Minecraft’s signature in-game blocks. These square containers are a departure from N!CK’S traditional round pints.

“Bringing Minecraft to life in our latest N!CK’s light ice cream flavors and unique packaging was a dream come true for our team. We are beyond excited to be partnering with Minecraft to share the limited-edition collection with their community and beyond,” said Carlos Altschul, N!CK’S CEO, in a press release.

Where to buy N!CK’S x Minecraft ice creams

N!CK’S x Minecraft ice creams are exclusively available at for a limited time. Each individual pint costs $9.99, but fans can get free N!CK’S Kräms (ice cream cookie sandwich) or up to 20% off on select bundles.

The New Minecraft Ice Cream From Nick’s
Source: N!CK’S
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