Oreo Frozen Treats now offers mint-flavored ice cream

The Oreo Frozen Treats lineup gets a new permanent flavor

Oreo Frozen Treats Mint

The Oreo Frozen Treats portfolio has a brand-new addition.

Today, just in time for National Chocolate Mint Day on February 19th, the snack brand officially introduced Oreo Frozen Treats Mint.

What is Oreo Frozen Treats Mint?

Oreo Frozen Treats Mint Bowl

Oreo Frozen Treats Mint is the latest permanent flavor to join the snack brand’s frozen dessert lineup. The new flavor will be first available in 48oz tubs, which feature a mint-flavored base inspired by Mint Oreo Cookies with real pieces of Oreo cookies mixed in.

“Last year, with the launch of Oreo Frozen Treats, we were delighted to offer a new way to enjoy the iconic taste of Oreo cookies,” said Sydney Kranzmann, Senior Brand Manager of Oreo US, in a statement. “Fans loved the frozen take on the cookie they know and love and now, with the launch of Oreo Mint Frozen Treats, we have an opportunity to playfully reinvent ways for our loyal fans to enjoy one of their favorite OREO cookie flavors.”

Oreo Frozen Treats Scoops

Oreo Mint 48oz tub release date

The 48oz tubs of Oreo Frozen Treats Mint are rolling out in stores across the United States this February. Each Oreo Mint 48oz tub has a suggested retail price of $6.99.

It’s currently not clear if Oreo has plans to release Mint Oreo-flavored bars, cones, and sandwiches in the future.

Where to buy Oreo Mint 48oz tubs

Visit http://www.icecream.com/us/en/brands/oreo to find out where Oreo Mint 48oz tubs and other Oreo Frozen Treats are available.

About Oreo Frozen Treats

Oreo officially entered the freezer aisle in January 2022 with the launch of Oreo Frozen Treats, a line of frozen dairy desserts that include scoopable tubs, snackable bars, cones, sandwiches, and more.

Described as a playfully reimagined take on the classic chocolate sandwich cookie fans know and love, Oreo Frozen Treats debuted with the following products:

  • Oreo Bars: feature creme-flavored base packed with Oreo cookie pieces, dipped in a delicious coating made from crushed Oreo wafer pieces
  • Oreo Cones: feature crispy, chocolatey cones filled with a creme-flavored base packed with Oreo cookie pieces, dipped in a delicious coating made from crushed Oreo wafer pieces
  • Oreo Sandwiches: feature creme-flavored base mixed with Oreo cookie pieces, sandwiched between two big Oreo cookie wafers
  • Oreo 48oz and 14oz tubs: feature creme-flavored base with Oreo cookie pieces packed in a scoopable tub that makes it easy to enjoy the frozen treat however you want
  • 2-in-1 Oreo & Chips Ahoy! 48 oz. tubs: Two iconic cookies, one epic frozen dessert. This tasty treat playfully combines a crème-flavored frozen dairy dessert packed with Oreo cookie pieces and sweet cream frozen dairy dessert loaded with Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces.
The original Oreo Frozen Treats lineup
The original Oreo Frozen Treats lineup

“We continually seek ways to playfully reinvent our classic cookie and are excited to bring this new Oreo innovation to the freezer aisle,” said Justin Parnell, Vice President of Oreo US, in a press release at that time. “Created for our most loyal fans, we have perfected the Oreo Frozen Treats recipes to deliver the signature Oreo flavor in every bite. We hope this delicious new treat will provide even more opportunities for fans to foster moments of playful connection over a shared love of Oreo.”

Shortly after the launch, the product line has since added Oreo King Size Cone and Oreo Cups.

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