NBA Oreos arrive in time for the NBA All-Star Game

Oreo and NBA team up for special-edition cookie gift boxes

OREOiD x NBA cookies

Oreo has unveiled the perfect cookies for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game.

Beginning February 7th through the basketball league’s All-Star weekend on February 18th-19th in Salt Lake City, basketball fans nationwide can order OREOiD x NBA cookies.

What are OREOiD x NBA cookies?

Designed through Oreo’s online customization platform, OREOiD x NBA cookies are special cookies adorned with the logos and colors of all 30 NBA teams. Available in boxes of 12, these sweet treats feature the team’s logo of your choice right in the middle of the cookie, surrounded by celebratory sprinkle designs that match the color of the group’s badge.

OREOiD x NBA cookies

In addition to OREOiD x NBA cookies, Oreo and its parent company Mondelēz International also plan to have a special All-Star-themed cookie available at events during the All-Star Game weekend.

How much does a box of OREOiD x NBA cookies cost?

A 12ct box of OREOiD x NBA cookies cost $39.95 plus delivery. While some fans understand the expensive price of the cookies, given their limited availability and custom-made nature, a few people find the costly price tag of the treats unfathomable. Check out some of the tweets from fans criticizing the price of the cookies.

Where to buy OREOiD x NBA cookies

OREOiD x NBA cookies

Want to have OREOiD x NBA cookies featuring your favorite team? You can order online at Orders for OREOiD packs are shipped within 8-10 business days of placing your order.

OREOiD x NBA Cookies | Custom Oreos Inspired By Your Favorite NBA Teams

12 special Oreo cookies featuring your fave NBA team logo and signature colors

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Oreo x NBA collaborations

The recently launched NBA x OREOiD offering isn’t the first collaborative product between Oreo and NBA. The Oreo brand and the professional basketball league made their partnership debut in 2021 when they teamed up for Oreo NBA Dynasty cookies. These special Oreos feature customized logo embossments of the league’s top six teams, namely Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors.

Fans can still purchase these limited-edition NBA cookies at Walmart for $4.58 per 12.2-ounce pack.

Oreo NBA Dynasty Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Limited Edition, 12.2 oz

Special Oreo cookies stamped with customized logo embossments representing six of the NBA's top teams: Bulls, Celtics, Heat, Lakers, Spurs, and Warriors.

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What is OREOiD?


OREOiD is an online customization platform that allows fans to design and own custom Oreo cookies. Launched in November 2020, OREOiD was conceived by Oreo’s in-house team in line with the cookie brand’s current “Stay Playful” campaign.

To create unique cookies, OREOiD lets cookie lovers choose their preferred color of crème. Options include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white. The online platform also allows fans to dip Oreo cookies in classic or white fudge, add rainbow-like sprinkles, and decorate them with a photo or text. They can also select from several quantities and packaging options, from plain cellophane bags to gift boxes.

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