Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Popcorn is back with a fun Halloween twist

The Oreo-flavored popcorn gets a special Halloween edition

Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Popcorn is back with a fun Halloween twist 2

Following its successful launch at the beginning of the year, Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Pop is back on store shelves with a fun twist that Halloween party-goers will definitely enjoy.

Available exclusively at Sam’s Club, the Halloween Cookie Pop made with Oreo is topped with spooky orange cream drizzle and covered with crushed Oreo cookies. Like the original variant, this special-edition Oreo Cookie Pop is a non-GMO, low-sodium and low-calorie snack that only has 150 calories per serving.

Party-table-ready and for all ages, the Oreo Cookie Pop is a perfect Halloween-party-hosting snack. But if you don’t feel like sharing it with others, you can always open a bag for your midday work-from-home refreshment or consume a whole bag while watching your favorite Halloween movies this coming trick-or-treating season.

Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Popcorn is back with a fun Halloween twist 3


A huge 20-ounce bag of the Halloween Cookie Pop costs $5.98. It can be purchased at Sam’s Club in-store or ordered online for curbside pickup.

Aside from the Oreo Cookie Pop, Snack Pop is also the popcorn brand behind the equally ingenious Butterfinger Candy Pop, Twix Candy Pop, M&M’s Minis Candy Pop, and Snickers Candy Pop.

The launch of the Halloween Cookie Pop comes just month after Nabisco announced that it is releasing Java Chip Oreos and Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos in January 2021. Java Chip Oreos are made of the same chocolate cookies we know and love but are filled with a light-brown, coffee-flavoured creme filling swirled with tiny chocolate chips. The Chocolate Hazelnut variant, meanwhile, features a chocolate-hazelnut creme filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.

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