You can now design your own Oreo cookies with OREOiD

The customization platform will reportedly be available even after the holiday season


For the first time ever, Oreo is allowing fans to design their own cookies using its new online platform called OREOiD.

Launched on Thursday, OREOiD lets cookie lovers choose between two customization options: the “just the crème color” and the “customize everything.”

You can now design your own Oreo cookies with OREOiD 1
OREOiD customization options

For the crème color-only option, you can choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, or white. After a picking a color, you can select from several quantities and packaging options, including plain cellophane bags to gift boxes. You can purchase 20 two-count packs of cookies at $2.50 each, five eight-count boxes for $8.95 each, or a set of 24 cookies for $19.95.

The customize everything option, meanwhile, lets you to not only choose different crème colors, but also allows you to dip cookies in classic or white fudge, add rainbow-like sprinkles, and decorate them with a photo or text. 20 one-count packs sell for $2.50 each, 20 one-count boxes for $3.50 each, five four-count boxes for $10.95 each, 12-count boxes for $29.95, and 24-count boxes for $52.95.

Conceived and executed by Oreo’s in-house team, OREOiD is in line with the cookie brand’s current “Stay Playful” campaign. And even though the online experience was launched just in time for the holidays, OREOiD is expected to continue even after the Christmas season.

“The OREOiD platform provides the opportunity to combine the playfulness of our cookie and the imagination of our fans,” Oreo Brand Manager Olympia Portale said in a statement. “We’re so excited to unveil this new customized experience for our fans to engage with Oreo on a whole new level, just in time for the gift-giving season.”

The launch of OREOiD has been well received by fans, with many of them sharing their creations on social media. Even other brands have joined the fun. Video rental Red Box, ice cream snack Dippin’ Dots, and whole-grain snack food crackers Wheat Thins are among the brands that designed their own Oreos. Take a look at their customized cookies in the tweets below.

Source: Chicago Business, Delish
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