Ex-mophie employees leave to start Nimble, an eco-friendly battery pack company

The new company will start by selling a line of wireless pads and battery packs

Nimble, a California-based charging accessories startup, just launched a new line of eco-friendly portable charging products.

A quick Amazon search will turn up hundreds of competing battery packs and wireless charging products. Nimble is just the latest addition to the marketplace, but they say that their deep experience and commitment to eco-friendly products differentiate them from competitors.

The new company, which officially launched August 29th, will start by selling a wireless pad, wireless dual pad, charging stand, a travel kit, as well as a line of four unique battery packs.

The startup was founded by a group of ex-Mophie executives. For the uninitiated, Mophie is also a California-based charging accessories company. In fact, we just published an article detailing its most recent line of accessories. The group of executives left Mophie to build a company that held a greater sense of ‘environmental responsibility’ – or as CEO Ross Howe put it, “make great personal tech products, more thoughtfully.”

According to Nimble, each product is made from ‘low-impact materials’, including, recycled aluminum, ‘plant-based bioplastics’, and organic hemp fabrics. What’s more, the company put equal care into its packaging, which is reported to be 100% recycled and compostable.

Going further, the company has vowed to be e-waste neutral by 2022. To accomplish this, Nimble promises to recycle up to one pound of e-waste for every purchase.

Both wireless pads will charge 7.5W iPhones and other Qi-enabled devices up to 10W. What’s more, each pad can be recharged via its USB Type-C input. The Nimble Wireless Pad is $39.95 – or $59.95 if you purchase the Travel Kit option. The company’s Wireless Dual Pad is $49.95.

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Nimble’s portable charger line – perfect for wearables, Bluetooth speakers, and of course smartphones – is available from $49.95 for the 10,000 mAh option to $99.95 for the 26,000 mAh model.