Mophie improves the design of its iPhone battery cases with Juice Pack Access

Now we have access to the the speaker and Lightning port – and new colors

Mophie is back with an all-new, 2-in-1 protective case/battery charger designed for the latest iPhone models. Though the company already sales similar battery cases, the new Juice Pack Access boasts a number of improvements that make the new design more user-friendly than ever.

For example, perhaps one of the more noteworthy improvement is the cut away at the bottom that furnishes access to both the speaker and Lightning port – a luxury that Mophie’s older battery cases didn’t afford.

Also worthy of mention is the fact that the battery pack can be recharge

d wirelessly or via USB-C. When it’s recharging, Priority+ ensures your phone is charged before the case.

As mentioned, the Juice Pack Access is designed for the latest range of iPhones, from the standard X to XS Max. The various cases are available in black, blue, red, and gold.


Mophie Juice Pack Access
Mophie Juice Pack Access

With a retail price exceeding the $100 mark, these battery pack cases are at the higher end of the market. The company says we can expect to see them hit U.S. retailers before the end of March.