Mophie’s Snap series adds MagSafe compatibility to the iPhone

The snap family can also charge other Qi-enabled devices.

Mophie’s Snap series adds MagSafe compatibility to the iPhone 1

mophie has just announced a new line of MagSafe-compatible wireless charging accessories for the iPhone 12 family. The snap family of products from the company includes a wide range of accessories that cater to a variety of scenarios.

“The snap ecosystem from mophie really improves the wireless charging experience,” said Charlie Quong, vice president of product development at mophie. “The snap accessories align with the MagSafe feature of the iPhone 12, making charging a snap every time. The snap ecosystem also brings the magnetic mounting function to other Qi-charging smartphones, including older iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy, and more via the snap adapter included with all snap accessories.”

From wireless stands to car accessories, users can pick the best mount for their needs. The snap vent mount ($29.95), as implied in its name, is a magnetic car mount that fits into your vehicle’s vent.

Another variant of the vent mount includes a wireless charger. The snap+ wireless vent mount ($49.95) can deliver up to 15W of power. It’s also removable and includes a 20W USB-C car adapter.

For homes or offices, mophie offers the snap+ wireless stand ($59.95). This magnetic phone stand can be set atop a table. Phones will easily snap on and off with magnets and can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. Additionally, it delivers up to 7.5W of power for iPhones and up to 15W for other Qi-compatible devices.

Power users will find a lot of use for the snap+ powerstation stand ($69.95). Built with a 10,000mAh battery, users can stream or make calls without worrying about their devices losing power. It can wirelessly charge up to 7.5W of power for iPhone and up to 10W of Qi-enabled devices. Alternatively, users can opt to use the USB-C PD power delivery option that delivers up to 20W.

The snap+ wireless charger r ($34.95) provides the iPhone 12 up to 7.5W of power and up to 15W for other devices. It’s also capable of charging through lightweight phone cases.

As a power solution, mophie offers the snap+ juice pack mini ($49.95). This 5,00mAh battery ensures accurate placements thanks to its magnetic array. This makes it so charging is sure to begin on contact. Built-in LED lights indicate the device’s power. Users can also opt for a wired solution by connecting a device through the USB-C port.

And last of the announced devices is the snap adapter ($19.95). Qi-enabled smartphones can take advantage of magnetic technology with this solution. Two metallic rings add a magnetic hold to the device. This makes it compatible with the existing array of snap products.

Already available on the company’s website are the snap+ wireless charger, snap vent mount, snap+ wireless vent mount, snap+ juice pack mini, and snap adapter. Following in summer/fall of this year are the snap+ wireless stand and snap+ powerstation stand.

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