Mophie’s charge stream desk stand is the wireless charging stand for iPhone we’ve been waiting for

Mophie’s charge stream desk stand is now available for $70

Mophie is adding a new wireless charger to its ’charge stream’ lineup. Dubbed the charge stream desk stand, this $70 wireless charger is designed to provide “worry-free wireless charging while you work,” boasts the company.

We first reported on the device back in September. At the time, Mophie had just launched a number of wireless charging products, however, the desk stand was delayed. We can now report that the company is finally shipping the product to customers.

According to Mophie, each charge stream desk stand is engineered to work with iPhone, Samsung, and other Qi-enabled smartphones. These wireless stations deliver up to 10W of power and work in landscape or portrait mode. What’s more, Mophie says its device will even deliver a charge through protective cases.

As mentioned, you can purchase the charge stream desk stand through the company’s official website for $70.