Nerf will pay you $10k a month to be its Chief TikTok Officer

Here’s how you can apply to be the first-ever Nerf Chief TikTok Officer

Nerf will pay you $10k a month to be its Chief TikTok Officer 11

Are you a huge Nerf fan who happens to be a TikTok wiz? If you are, then this job is perfect for you!

The Nerf Marketing Team at Hasbro announced on Friday that they are looking for a trend-obsessed and highly-creative Nerf fan to take on the title of Nerf Chief TikTok Officer (Nerf CTO).

Aside from being a Nerf enthusiast and a TikTok extraordinaire, the ideal candidates should have a good sense of humor and solid video editing skills. They must also be a team player and exude positive vibes.

“While the NERF Global Marketing team really is best-in-class at what they do in terms of creativity and connecting with our fans, we admit we could use some help as the brand steps into the world of TikTok. We’re ready to hand over the social reigns to one talented creator to run the Nerf TikTok account,” said Teresa Pearson, senior director, global brand strategy and marketing for Nerf. “This position isn’t all fun and Nerf battles, though we imagine that will certainly be a part of it. The Nerf CTO will get hands-on, real-life job experience working on the Nerf Team during a very exciting time in our brand’s history.

The successful applicant will create content for the @nerf TikTok handle, producing 10-12 approved Nerf-related TikTok videos per month. In addition to helping Nerf’s marketing team gain clout and ultimately get the @nerf TikTok handle on the social media site’s coveted For You Page with new content, the Nerf CTO will also meet with the brand’s marketing team every week to ideate on the hottest trends in the TikTok space. The Nerf CTO is also expected to leverage creative thinking and consumer insights to better connect Nerf activities on TikTok to consumer behaviors and trends.

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In return, the successful applicant will receive $10,000 a month for up to three months, a stash of Nerf blasters and other swag, as well as a lifelong flex as the first-ever Nerf CTO in the history of the toy brand.

Applicants must be based in the U.S. and must be 18 years old or older to be considered for the role. To apply, applicants must post the perfect Nerf-related TikTok video using the hashtag #NerfApplication and tagging @nerf between March 26th until April 4th. Applicants must also follow @nerf on TikTok.

Though the TikTok video would be the applicant’s official initial application, Hasbro’s marketing team will require a formal application and interview process for the selected finalists.

The Nerf CTO is a non-union, three-month at-will role that will begin in mid-April and end in mid-July. Flexible to a degree, the position is fully remote and the meeting with the brand’s marketing team will take place on Microsoft Teams or similar video service.