Moments when justice was served in the classroom

There isn’t much difference between a classroom and the jungle

Moments when justice was served in the classroom
Moments when justice was served in the classroom

School is s a chaotic landscape that lives by the concept, “survival of the fittest”. Whether you survive via excelling academically or socially, school is a jungle filled with people who need to be taught a lesson outside of the curriculum. Luckily, there were many instances wherein justice was served in the classroom; so our faith in instant karma has been restored.

Get ready for some laughs, because these unruly students just got served a large order or classroom justice!

#1 Don’t mess with girls and their crayons

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 1
Photo by Kristin Brown on Unsplash

“I teach kindergarten, and I had a terrible, terrible child in my class last year. He liked to pull his desk away from the girl sitting across from him so her pencils and crayons would go falling on the floor. Finally, one day she got fed up and slammed her desk back into his. Unfortunately for him, his fingers happened to be there. Justice was served.” – legoeggo323


#2 Criminal in the making

Credit: Markus Winkler on Pexels

“I had a kid who threw a lock at my head. Somehow, she didn’t get expelled because “It just slipped out of her hand.” She did get expelled a few months later when she brought a weapon to school.” –wisegal99 

If children are not given consequences for their actions, they’ll take it with them into adulthood. Let’s normalize not raising future criminals.

#3 Incognito Heroes

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 2
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels

“Two random strangers came during a bullying session in a public place, and they punched my bully (for some time) while calling me their friend. His entire class was afraid of me after that. I still don’t know who my saviors were. But, thank you!” – Reddit

The world needs more Good Samaritans like these guys. We cannot applaud your good deed enough.

#4 Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 3

“When I was in kindergarten, a kid looked me straight in the eyes, bit himself on the wrist, and ran to the teacher to blame me. They sent me to the principal’s office, my mom was called down, and I got yelled at. A week later, the kid did it again… and the teacher saw him do it. It felt so good to have the principal apologizing profusely to me.” -_swf

Why on earth would anyone bite themselves and them blame someone else for it? Thank goodness justice was served for this serial biter. And yeah, you better apologize real good, principal!

#5 Door of opportunity

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 4
Photo by Domenico Bandiera from Pexels

“This girl cussed me out and then stormed out of class. The door bounced off the wall and hit her on the way out. It took all my effort not to laugh at her in front of the class.” –gogogophers22 

Teachers are meant to set examples as responsible mentors, but you can’t quite blame their honest reactions when rebellious students get their just desserts.

#6 Crutches of justice

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 5
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

“When I was teaching ESL, I once had a kid who thought he was all that. Sporty, relatively bright, and quite popular with his boy classmates, but went out of his way to annoy the girls. He was constantly taking pencils, copying work, messing up their hair, etc. He clearly just didn’t know how to interact with females. One day, he broke his leg and had to be on crutches for a while. As soon as I announced it was break time, the girl next to him took both crutches and ran away with them. Snacks got dealt out one-by-one, so kids weren’t allowed to fetch for their friends. His friends all abandoned him for choco-pies, and he was left sitting, immobile and alone.” – low_lobola 

Is it bad that this has us laughing a little too hard? No? Okay, then hahahahaha!

#7 Shattered confidence

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 6
Photo by Lisa from Pexels

“There was this kid in high school who was such a jerk. He got into multiple fights, and somehow that got him thinking he was a good fighter. On one occasion, he got into a fight in the parking lot, and someone actually put his head through a car window, like, fully broke the glass with his face. He didn’t learn his lesson, but man was it rewarding for the rest of us.” –M1ghtypen

That must’ve left a mark or ten… We kind of feel bad for the car right now.

#8 Dark angel’s clipped wings

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 7
Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels

“Last year, I had a 7-year-old in my class who was just a pain. He would throw things around the classroom, pinch other children, poke them with pencils, and he was rude to everyone but would always blame it on someone else. Talking to his parents wouldn’t help because they believed everything their little “angel” said. One break time, he was harassing another child, and I guess the kid just had enough. This usually mild-mannered child punched him in the stomach. It was so hard, the horrible child even wet himself. Then, all of the other children who witnessed it completely closed ranks and denied that it ever happened. We couldn’t follow it up.”  – Globewall

#9 I told you so

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 8
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

“I teach college students to be teachers. My first year doing this, I had a student who was always late, turned in the bare minimum, and always had excuses. I told him he had to improve or he’d eventually get fired on the job. He kept coasting. His first teaching job? He got fired. I laughed, in the privacy of my office, and I’m not sorry.” – actuallycallie 

This is slow burn karma at its finest, and also an “I told you so” of epic proportions. Delayed karmic justice just means that there’s a very specific type of karma in the making.

#10 You were warned

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 9
Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels

“I told him if he told me to kill myself one more time I’d punch him in the face. He didn’t believe me and told me to go kill myself. I punched him in the face, broke his glasses and gave him a nosebleed and he never spoke to me again.” – Raichu7

This type of bullying is not to be taken lightly. We’re just glad that this kid didn’t let the darkness overpower him.

#11 Teacher with a sense of humor

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 10
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

“I used to always show up late for my 10th-grade science class. One day, we had a little chapter review quiz at the start of class, and naturally, I was a minute or two late. So, I walked over to my desk and the teacher put my quiz down. I looked at it, and my blood ran cold. It was all super complicated questions I was sure we’d never covered. After about two minutes, I looked up to see how everyone else was doing on their quiz. Well, everybody was watching me. When I looked up, they all started laughing. The teacher had printed up a single fake quiz with super complicated biology questions just to mess with whatever kid ended up showing up last to the quiz.” – Bearbats

Well, this one is funny in a friendly way. We all love a teacher with a good sense of humor.

#12 There are rules for a reason

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 11
Photo by Joshua Miranda from Pexels

“There was a “problem child” in my class who thought it was cool to not listen to teacher advice, shrug off reprimands, and make snarky comments. He was hard to manage, but by no means a bad kid. We have a rule at our school that there’s “no running on the deck” outside of our classroom. This rule is often ignored when no teacher is looking. One day, the entire class and I were standing out on the deck when this particular student was coming back from getting something. He decided to blatantly ignore the “no running on the deck” rule and began to sprint toward the class. Right as I yelled his name, he tripped and went FLYING. It was an epic wipeout. The fall sent him sprawling across the deck, with the entire class watching. I checked if he was okay, and he didn’t say anything about it at the time, but I was able to remind him later that we do have rules for a reason.” – fruitmatters 

Calling all rule-breakers, this one’s for you guys! Disobeying safety rules only hurts you in the end. Defy the law at your own risk.

#13 Clapback of the century

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 12
Photo by Анастасия from Pexels

“This d****y kid grabbed a girl’s purse and started rifling through it one day. He then started yelling that she had a knife in her bag to try and get her in trouble. The teacher had the perfect reply. She just quipped, “And you taking her bag is why she has a knife in the first place” before giving the kid detention.” – Sleepies 

It must have taken a while for that bully to recover from this gigantic clap-back. The pain is tangible. Excuse us while we add this line to our book of greatest comebacks.

#14 Mean is not cool at the pool

Engin Akyurt
Credit: Engin Akyurt on Pexels

“There was a clique of “popular” kids who were often jerks and acted out in our school. Our city had a living center for the mentally ill that also had a public swimming pool, so we used it for swimming lessons. Well, one day there’s a 14-year-old on the extreme end of the spectrum at the pool who had very limited functioning.

This popular “funny” student decides that it’ll be hilarious to sit there and growl at the boy aggressively like a hostile dog. The kid loses it and he freaks right out. His support worker figures out what happened, and the “funny” guy is banned from the center. He also automatically fails not only the module, but the entire gym course. He does not graduate on time.” – SyfaOmnis 

It’s long overdue that we stop classifying mean and wild people as “cool”. There is nothing cool about turning other people into pariahs. Let’s normalize being kind, considerate, honest, and genuine, because that’s what’s really cool.

#15 The wrath of poison ivy

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 13
Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

Park ranger here. We do this “urban education initiative” with inner-city kids out to a wetland. There was this one kid, Pablo, who was this third-grade classroom’s “funny guy.” For example, during a live animal demonstration, he asks about its nipples and then repeats the word nipple louder so everyone could laugh.

While we’re walking, we talk about animal poop the whole time and of course, I was professional and answered the questions because I begrudgingly know a lot about scat. Pablo would barge into every learning opportunity for the other kids and take everybody out of the moment. It was actually really awful.

Every time I got the kids excited about nature, he would do some lame peer pressure so the vibe was, “No, nature sucks.” I wanted to push him into some briars pretty badly. Well, justice came swiftly when I was explaining poison ivy to half the group. He swaggers over and does some kind of, “These leaves? MINE!” prank.

I wanted to tell him it was poison ivy but instead, I told him to put it down. The other kids were like, “Drop it!” Only the reverse psychology made him caress the leaves even more, so I finally had to tell him what they were before he touched his face. Pablo then cried. His cool guy persona was shattered, and everybody listened to me for the rest of the field trip.” –IgnoreAntsOfficial 

We never thought we would say this, but poison ivy, your wrath was well-timed. Also, nature is cool, kids!

#16 The attentive student

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 14
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

At the end of the year I had a student failing my class who didn’t bother to try to get help until the last day. She failed because she never showed up for class, ever. Like, I didn’t recognize her.

She tells me “You’re the only class I’m failing and if I don’t get a D I won’t graduate.”

I go to the school grade book to see if this is true. “Hmm, according to this you have a 13% in math and an incomplete in Chemistry.”

“No, that’s wrong, I already talked to those teachers and they said my grade was up. You’re the only one who is failing me.”

“Why don’t we give your math teacher a call and find out?” So I dialed the extension for her math teacher. “Mr Math teacher, student tells me that she isn’t failing your class, and that the grade in the book is incorrect, is that true?”

Math teacher responds with “Actually, the grade in the book is incorrect. I just discovered the one piece of homework she did turn in was actually a photocopy of another student’s work. She now has a zero in my class.”

She did not graduate. For many, many reasons, grades and attendance being only part of it. –SalemScout  

Dear, students who don’t even try at school… why? It’s so much easier to actually pay attention, do the work, ask questions, learn, get good grades, and graduate without panicking at the last minute.

#17 Don’t mistake silence for weakness

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 15
Photo by F-Jord bikadrajcom from Pexels

“I teach middle school. We had one eighth-grader who was the oldest, meanest kid in the class of 200. He fought a lot, and was actually pretty good at it. He tended to beat up a lot of the smaller, weaker kids though. Put a girl up against the wall with his forearm across her throat so that her feet came off the ground. No other kids stepped in because they didn’t want to get beat on too. He was suspended regularly.

We got a transfer kid. This huge, and I mean huge (6.25 feet tall, easily 260lbs) kid transfers in. He’s a tough kid, but quiet about it. Doesn’t do much academically, but he’s super respectful and is just kind of quiet and keeps to himself for the most part. I saw a lot of bar fights in my slightly less responsible days, and this kid carried himself like that dude that knew he could take someone apart. Nothing to prove but he will wreck you if you start something.

Bully kid gets into some family beef outside of school with big kids family. Walks up to big kid in the hall and challenges him to a fight by screaming “YOU WANNA GO?” up at him with his arms spread wide and his face forward. 

Big kid quietly says “yep,” drops his binder, and then drops bully kid with the most beautiful jab I’ve ever seen outside of a boxing match. Bully goes down like a ton of bricks, and big kid calmly picks up his shit and heads to the office. Bully gets expelled (admin was looking for a reason) and big kid gets a suspension and is suddenly the most loved person in that building by both students and teachers.

The Vice Principal was actually giggling as he helped bully kid stagger to the office.” – Not_Jimi

This is all we have to say to this; “Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak.” – Tommy Shelby

#18 Don’t call me

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 16
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

“The sophomore who wouldn’t leave his cell phone away was working on his physics based lab. He dropped his phone and it slid under the door into the chemical storage area. I told him I didn’t have a key and would have to ask the custodian after school to unlock it.” –Blatterbeast 

Sometimes, karma takes a while, but this was pretty straightforward and instant. See you after class, cellphone!

#19 Karma shower

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 17
Photo by Sachith Hettigodage from Pexels

“Senior year I had a math class that was held in a science lab (showers, eye wash station, etc.) It was a class that had kids from grades 10-12 in it. One of the seniors was a big dude on the football team who really enjoyed giving shit to the smaller kids. He was the worst of what HS sports churn out.

Anyhow, he like to get this one skinny dude riled up every day by pretending to pull the emergency shower every time he walked by. Giggled like a smug doofus every time. One day I had enough and just went hey “Nelson” while he was under the shower… waited for him to look me in the eyes, and pulled it. “THIS is how it works!”

Boy was he pissed. Red faced and everything. Teacher came in and asked what happened. I said “Nelson” needed to clean up a little bit. Didn’t get in any trouble, just had to go get a mop from the janitor and clean up the water. I still enjoy that moment when I think about it.”-Leumas

High school is so much more fun when you stand up to bullies, even when they aren’t bullying you in particular.

#20 When the time is right

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 18
Photo by ICSA from Pexels

“My high school buddy Steve was a troublemaker. We had a really lax teacher in sophomore English. She was a sub. The regular teacher quit a few weeks into the school year and we had this semi-permanent sub afterwards.

 So then we get a student teacher from the nearby university, Mrs. Gomez. The sub leaves the room for a bit and people get rowdy. ESPECIALLY Steve. After a few minutes, Mrs. Gomez gets a belly full and tells Steve to be quiet. Steve looks her dead in the eye and says, “You’re not the teacher. I don’t have to do ANYTHING you say.” Then goes right back to whatever he was doing. Mrs. Gomez was LIVID. Her face was bright red and she looked like she wanted to kill Steve, but he was right and she knew it, so she kept her mouth shut.

Fast forward a month or so. We walk into class and the sub is nowhere to be seen, but Mrs. Gomez is sitting at the desk. The bell rings and she stands up. “Hello, everyone.” She turns and looks directly at Steve. “I’m your new teacher.”   

Steve didn’t get away with much in class after that.” – splinkymishmash

Oftentimes, justice delayed is justice denied, but that isn’t entirely true; because you’ll get your turn once the time is right.

#21 Loophole

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 19
Photo by Jason Villanueva from Pexels

“When I was in high school, our music teacher was this awesome older dude who was close to retiring. He would openly tell everyone that he was in it for the pension, but was an awesome teacher and could teach any class from music to hospitality to welding to woodshop. One thing he refused to do, though, was putting up with teenager shenanigans.

Luckily he took a liking to me, but he used to do things like throw chalk at kids and other harmless stuff that got the point across. But then there was a rule change, and teachers weren’t allowed to lay a hand on any kid in school at any point. I watched kids beat each other, and teachers just having to watch because they’d lose their jobs if they interfered. One day, this little jerk who was always causing trouble decided that he was going to start a fight in front of the music room. The awesome music teacher comes in, sees this, and tells him to stop a few times. The guy didn’t. So he went back into his office, grabbed his large coffee, and dumped it all over the kid.” – felicitybob

Loopholes are always present; you just have to think outside of the box.

#22 Mic Drop

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 20
Photo by from Pexels

“Some of my finest moments involve me dropping the mic and owning the hell out of some elementary school child. While teaching first grade, this “cool” boy used to engage in some mild teasing on this quirky Pokemon girl who sat behind him. She used to get pretty annoyed, but it honestly seemed like the boy was trying to have fun with her.

One day, I hear him singing “Justine’s got a boyfriend!” You know that tune. I was like, “Is it you? You certainly seem to be turned around in your seat a lot.” He went quiet as his little buddies chuckled at his embarrassment. I was right, though. The next day he politely invited her to play with dinosaurs.

That one was more sweet than funny… a better one is from when I was working as an aide special needs kids their fourth grade class. This one boy was a bit of a loudmouth and pronounced everything he did not like/not understand to be “gay.” Yup, just about everything was gay, according to this one.

Then one day, he switched it up and informed me that something was “retarded.” I wasn’t even going to give him the response he was probably looking for, but before I would have even had time to speak he said, “and I’m allowed to say that–I’m in special needs.” “Great!” I replied. “What’s your excuse for calling everyone ‘gay’ all the time!”

Zing! You got served, oh snap, etc. That’s right folks, MsMoody ain’t nuthin’ to f*** with.”-MsCMoody

The mic has been dropped. We repeat: the mic has been dropped!

#23 Sux for you

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 21
Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

“I was teaching an elective and had trouble making kids accountable for their homework. I created a homework excuse form where kids had to fill out if they did not have their homework done. One girl was finding her attitude and filled out a few with things like “this class sux” and “I had better things to do”.

Well her grade goes downhill and we have a parent-teacher conference. Mom defends her daughter’s grade saying homework was too hard, or not clear. I show her the forms signed by her daughter. Daughter is completely Stunned and embarrassed. So was mom. I got an immediate apology from both and all other homework was covered and on time for the rest of the year.” – rednstrong 

Sux for you, girl. Maybe, watch what you write next time? Or better yet, just do your homework and save everyone (mostly yourself) the trouble.

#24 Good dad

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 22
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“I was a school bus driver in the ’70s. During height of court ordered busing, so I ferried poor kids to the rich side of town, then rich kids the other way. Lots of entitled brats but one stands out. There was a super an entitled kid, constantly defying rules. Eventually I caught him (with too many witnesses) attempting to set a bus seat on fire with his lighter. School officials were called. There was a hearing with officials and his rich dad – and he got banned from all buses for the rest of the semester. Dad offers to pay for the damage and quietly accepts the punishment.

Then comes the surprise. Next morning when I arrive at 6:00 am to clean my bus (regular task every morning), the rich kid and dad are standing there. Dad introduces me to my “new personal bus cleaner” for the rest of the year. He brings the kid every morning and forces him to wash and clean the floors on my bus before taking him on to his school.

By the end of year, the entitled kid is actually working hard, and being friendly. We’re getting along pretty well, and I help him out sometimes so he can get on to school. Kid turns out okay when all is over. Good move by his dad.” – meinmanhattan

If unruly kids do the time for their crimes, they’re less likely to repeat the offense (or commit any other offense, hopefully). Good move, indeed!

#25 Well, that backfired

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 23
Pgoto by Snapwire from Pexels

“I used to work at a pony camp that catered to rich kids from a very nice neighborhood. We would have really spoiled kids all the time. While annoying, the most frustrating part is trying to maintain authority just so the little [tykes] don’t get themselves killed by 1,000-pound animals.

Anyways, we had a 10-year-old kid from some mildly famous sportscaster one week. Kid was just downright awful. She ignored everything we told her and was mean to the other kids in camp. At one point, she started a physical fight with another girl, and when she felt like she was getting beaten, she started yelling, “Do you know who my mom is? I’m going to tell her!” The other kid got scared and started crying.

My coworker replied, “Actually, I do know your mom, and I know she wouldn’t like to hear about this. Why don’t I call her right now?” Little brat didn’t believe her, so my coworker did. She was much easier to deal with the rest of the week.” – not_todaysatan 

Mini brats need to be disciplined at an early age, so that they don’t take their toxic behavior with them into adulthood. Good call, camp leaders!

#26 Professional clapback

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 24
Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

“Not a teacher, but a friend of mine, who is a kindergarten teacher had one student last year that would always make fun of everyone, to the point of making other kids cry. She had another student, who was adopted and after he had told some of the kids in the class that he was, the bully overheard, he starts making fun of him by saying things like no one likes you and no one wanted you. The teacher was about to intervene but the adopted kid spoke up and said, “My parents got to choose me, but yours got stuck with you.” The kid didn’t say anything the rest of the day. My friend said she tried her best to not burst out in laughter.” -thatguyoverthere

That was an epic burn, and if we were the teacher, we wouldn’t have been able to hold in our laughter. That kid just dropped all the mics.

#27 Quit monkeying around

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 25
Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

“I went on a bushwalk in Singapore, and there are pretty clear signs around not to feed the monkeys as they can get aggressive. Anyway, there were these two boys around the age of eight swearing and throwing sticks and rocks at a little monkey in a tree. The dad was standing there laughing and allowing this to go on.

I was about to say something when one of the kids ripped open a bag of Skittles and started throwing them. The monkey immediately ran down from the branch and snatched the Skittles; at the same moment, another three monkeys came out of nowhere, and in an epic display of monkey-justice, swarmed the kids, making them and the dad run away for dear life.” – the-password-is-meow 

Some people are so bored with their lives that they even resort to bullying monkeys. Luckily, these monkeys have a sweet tooth for Skittles!

#28 Best boyfriend award

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 26
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

“I have a student this year who is such an entitled a**hole. Way more than any of the teens I’ve taught. This is largely in part due to the fact that his mom thinks he’s an angel child. He can cheat on a test, cuss out a teacher, be cruel to an intellectually disabled student, skip class, throw things at people, etc. And mom will say she doesn’t care, and immediately try to turn it around on how the teachers are always trying to get her child in trouble and how will we be punished. And that he can’t control his impulses, and that’s not his fault, so we just need to deal.

Anyways. Earlier this year he made an awful slut-shame type of remark to a classmate – this nerdy, sweet, honors student who would never hurt a fly. Her boyfriend punched the kid right in the face. Busted his nose. It was amazing and I was very sad that we had to give a consequence for the punch.” – whateverreddit88

This girl’s boyfriend deserves a standing ovation.

#29 Double trouble

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 27
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

“Had a set of twins who were both pretty loud and out of control. During a group activity, one of them got the bright idea to stick his head into the hole of a plastic chair. He got stuck. He immediately began screaming, his brother crying; “my brother!” And all the adults were trying not to laugh. They were able to get his head out without having to call for additional help.” – A_R_Spiders

Did you laugh hard at this one? Blink if you’re guilty.

#30 Don’t mess with the skinny kid

Moments when justice was served in the classroom 28
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

“Back when I was in secondary school, we had this thai exchange student. He’s this small scrawny kid that didn’t speak too great english and being from a different country and all pretty much kept to himself. I decided to befriend him and we got along pretty well – as well as you could when you can’t really communicate too well.

Enter the d*****bag. D*****bag was about two years older than us, and pretty much a bully. He also loved to pick on said thai boy because he was different and because douchebag thought he was the s*h**. Anyway D*****bag would pick on Thai boy, and send him home with scrapes and bruises etc. Typical bully behavior. One day though, D*****bag and his posse confronts me and Thai boy as we were leaving the school, challenges Thai boy to a fight and got his posse to basically beat the crap out of me. Thai boy is being pushed around by d*****bag and basically being pounded on.

Thai boy is visibly distraught and keeps going “no fight no fight”. Then d*****bag spits in his face. Now we see Karmic Justice in all its beauty.

Thai boy’s face completely changes, he grabs d*****bag by his shoulders, pins him to the chainlink fence with his body and proceeds to knee and kick the living sh** out of him. D*****bag can be seen trying to escape but Thai boy seems to have more strength than his small frame suggests.
D*****bag finally collapses clutching his abdomen and literally pleading for Thai boy to stop. Never bothered Thai boy again.

When i asked Thai boy why he would wait so long to fight back, Thai boy says something like – “Back in Thailand, I fight every day, I Muay Thai from 4 year old. Pain is nothing, but he spit on my face. Face important, spit on face unforgivable.” 
Apparently he’s was a junior muay thai champion before he moved to my country. holy shit. TL;DR – D*****bag picked on the wrong small boy to bully. got his ass kicked after he disrespected the small boy.” -madrampager

We can’t say it enough; just don’t bully anyone. If you want to cry for help, do it without hurting others. Bullying isn’t a trait that you want to take with you as you grow up. Aside from it being a terrible personality feature, you never know if the person you’re harassing is secretly a martial artist that can kick your butt into next week.

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