Lybra Lamp can self-balance on ANY surface

This lamp can swivel, spin, or just stand still

Lybra Lamp can self-balance on ANY surface 4

A lamp’s main function is to provide light but you can get a bit more fun out of one with the Lybra Ambient Lamp.

Lybra Lamp can self-balance on ANY surface 5

Now live on Kickstarter, the Lybra Balance lamp is both a lighting fixture and an art piece at the same time. Its design allows it to balance or spin at any pivot point.

The company says that apart from the included stand, it should be able to balance on other surfaces like tables, branches, and even your finger. You don’t have to worry about it tipping over because according to the Lybra Ambient lamp’s Kickstarter page, “it always remains in stable equilibrium and won’t fall.”

Lybra Lamp can self-balance on ANY surface 6

There are two glowing bulbs that are housed at the end of the arched frame of the lamp. The lamp’s balancing is completely inherent and doesn’t use magnets, adhesives, or other methods to keep it balanced. Apart from lighting up a room, it’s also meant to provide a sense of ease and comfort and a constant reminder of positivity.

“Just as Lybra teetering on the edge, seeming like it should fall any minute but surprisingly, always restores balance and stands upright.”

Lybra Lamp can self-balance on ANY surface 7

The lamp uses warm eye-care LEDs for its bulbs and can be turned on using a switch found on the top of the device. It has a 10,000mAh battery that can provide up to 6 hours of use and it stands at about 11-inches high and 8-inches wide.

The Lybra Balance lamp is now available through its Kickstarter page. There are currently a number of backing options available but you can get the lamp for just $69. It’s expected to retail for $119 when finally released. It comes in black, red, or white. The estimated delivery for the first batch is in June of this year.

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