AI-powered bracelet helps kids with ADHD

Tully allows parents to keep track of their children’s emotional state

Tully AI bracelet
the AI bracelet is an easy-to-wear, subtly-designed tracking tool capable of analyzing changes in the wearer's emotions

Tully, an AI bracelet that improves the emotional awareness of children recently launched their  Kickstarter campaign that aims to provide a tech-driven solution to kids showing symptoms of ADHD and ADD.

The bracelet is an amalgam of artificial intelligence, biometrics, and analytics that essentially produces solutions for these conditions on the fly.

According to Tully, the AI bracelet is an easy-to-wear, subtly-designed tracking tool capable of analyzing changes in the wearer’s emotions. It does this by measuring the wearers’  biometric data, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and movement intensity, among other variables.

Tully’s AI-based algorithms create an analysis in real-time, providing assessments, suggestions and feedback when it detects emotional levels that are specific to ADHD and ADD.

For example, if the device detects high levels of aggravation, it signals the child with a vibrating alert, with the same information relayed over to the parents remotely. The incident is then added to Tully AI’s behavioral pattern database so that the system can “learn” better next time.

Tully AI Bracelet
The Tully AI bracelet features LED lighting and swappable bands

As a tool meant to be worn all the time, significant focus was given to making the design of Tully simple and minimalistic. It’s intended to look fun enough for a child to want to wear it, with features such as LED lighting and swappable bands to make it look and feel almost like a typical smartwatch.

In addition to providing immediate assistance to (frequent) emotional stress, the behavioral patterns can be taken and processed separately, so that a professional can analyze and evaluate the information.

Tully: AI bracelet for help with ADHD

Tully is a wearable that helps children of all ages recognize, manage, and deal with emotions properly

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Tully’s Kickstarter campaign is ongoing, with a starting price of $119 while the device will retail for $180 at launch. Further information about the device and its developers can be found on Tully’s official Kickstarter page.

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