Limited-edition The Most Stuf Oreos are now available in select US stores

With three times the filling of a traditional Oreo, these new Oreo cookies are almost too big to dunk.

The Most Stuf Oreos

If your favorite part of Oreo cookies is the crème filling, then here’s a piece of good news for you.  The Most Stuf Oreos — the limited-edition Oreo cookies which have the thickest crème filling among all kinds of Oreos ever — have officially started to hit the store shelves across the country.

Confirmed back in October, this new Oreo offering from Nabisco has recently been spotted in stores in Queens, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Long Island, New Jersey. According to Target’s website, The Most Stuf Oreos are also now available in Wichita, Kansas; Derby, Connecticut; and Lincoln, Nebraska. The snack is also sold at Walmart and Rite Aid stores.

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New @Oreo The Most Stuf cookies are out now! @NabiscoSnacks • Is too much of a good thing bad? In this case, no! We’ve always preferred Double Stuf Oreos over regular Oreos so we couldn’t wait to see how these stood up against them. They do look like two Double Stuf cremes were placed together (cute), so if you have some lying around, give them a go if you want to try these. But then you’ll be left with Oreo The Most Cookie Biscuits. Because of that, we do recommend picking these up. We prefer them over Double Stuf. We also enjoy when our Oreos get a little soft in milk, and these get soft very fast! ? Found at a 24 hour Rite Aid. #mnmtwinzOreo • #Oreo #Oreos #DoubleStuf #MegaStuf #TheMostStuf #TheMostStufOreo #Whoreo #Snack #Snacks #Cookie #Cookies #JunkFood #foodpics #IF #IIFYM #Macros #FlexibleDieting #IntermittentFasting #FoodComa #CookieMonster #OreoHaul #eatingfortheinsta #instagood #foodstagram #sweet #sugar #hungry #foodie #foodporn

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With three times the filling of a traditional Oreo, The Most Stuf Oreos are almost too big to dunk. As a matter of fact, due to the large size of individual cookies, each $3 package of this sweet treat only holds 18 cookies. And because of its generous amount of crème filling, just one of these monster cookies already clocks in at 110 calories.

As one can probably imagine, The Most Stuf Oreos are extra sweeter than regular Oreos. Some food bloggers even think that this latest Oreo variety isn’t for everybody. “You gotta be that person that eats the crème by itself to enjoy these,” wrote Munchie Bunchie on Instagram. It’s so much that after only 2 or 3 cookies and you’re taped out. Super sweet.”

“If you like Oreos for the cookie you won’t like these,” added JunkFoodMom. “They are nothing but sweet Creme — the cookie is there to keep your fingers from getting sticky only.”

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