The LG G8X ThinQ will come bundled with a free Dual Screen accessory

The LG G8X ThinQ will be available starting November 1st and it will retail for $700

Dual Mirror mode on the LG Dual Screen
Dual Mirror mode on the LG Dual Screen

Back at IFA, LG unveiled its LG G8X with its second-gen Dual Screen accessory. Now, LG has announced a release date for the device and they have also announced that they will be bundling the phone with their second-gen LG Dual Screen accessory, which is arguably one of the most sought after features of the LG G8X. Fortunately, the price is right.

The price tag of the device, coming in at just under $700 with the Dual Screen, makes the LG G8X quite a deal for a “foldable” phone. While the device isn’t necessarily a true dual-screen smartphone, the Dual Screen accessory that it’s bundled with does make it that much more versatile.

The affordability aspect of the device could be a response to LG’s falling sales, which have dropped quite significantly in recent months. According to reports, the company’s shipments in the United States have remained in the low double-digits in past months. As such, the bundle and its price tag could be a way for LG to increase its sales over the holiday season.

The LG G8X ThinQ will retail for $699.99, with the smartphone being set for release on November 1st. Preorders for the device are set to begin on October 25th.

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