LG’s rollable phone is real and will come out this year

The company teased the device during its CES presentation

LG rollable phone
LG rollable phone

Even if it seems like the industry is still wrapping its head around foldable phones, LG is pushing forward and bringing in a new form factor. At the end of LG’s CES presentation this year, the company showed a quick teaser of its new rollable smartphone. This new form factor introduces an expandable screen that’s able to extend upwards and provide more screen real estate.

Odd form factors are not a first with the company, as earlier this year it introduced a rotating display with the LG Wing. This time around the company offers a smartphone that, when transformed, houses what looks to be a screen similar to the size of a mini-tablet. There’s no mention of how the extension actually works but CNET assumes that a mechanism near the bottom of the phone is what allows the phone to extend.

Interestingly enough, while consumers figured this is merely a concept phone, CNET also confirms that LG will actually be releasing this to the public. What’s more, it’s expected to come out this year.

There’s definitely a lot more mystery to unravel with this new form factor but it seems to be the direction companies moving towards. LG already has an existing rollable TV and earlier this year, TCL also showcased a concept phone with a rollable screen as well. It shouldn’t take too long before other brands start offering these kinds of devices.

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