Goldfish unveils cracker packs inspired by Disney Princesses and Marvel’s Avengers

These special-edition Cheddar Goldfish packs will be exclusively available at Target this week

Snack brand Goldfish has reteamed with Disney for two new lines of crackers inspired by Disney Princesses and Marvel’s Avengers.

The Disney Princess assortment is comprised of three sparkly collectible packages that come in pink, purple, and blue. The pink bag features Tiana and Cinderella on the front; the purple bag features Jasmine and Rapunzel; and the blue bag features Moana and Ariel. These limited-edition packages contain cheese-flavored crackers, but in addition to the snack’s original fish-shaped biscuits, these bags of goodies are also filled with crackers shaped like Jasmine, Moana, and Cinderella. A pink version of the Cheddar Goldfish is also included in the mix.

The Avengers-themed Goldfish crackers, meanwhile, are available in red, blue, and green packages. The red package is decked out with images of Thor and Black Panther on the front; the blue one is designed with Black Widow and Captain America graphics; and the green bag has illustrations of Iron Man and Hulk. Inside these packs are crackers shaped like Iron Man’s mask, Black Widow’s hourglass, Black Panther’s insignia, and the Avengers’ symbol. There’s also a red version of the Cheddar Goldfish in each pack.

Each bag of crackers from both lines weighs 6.6 ounces and retails for $2.49. They will all be available for purchase exclusively at Target starting the first week of June.

This isn’t the first time Goldfish has partnered with Disney for special-edition crackers. Back in 2018, Goldfish collaborated with Disney for limited-edition Mickey Mouse crackers in honor of the beloved mouse’s 90th birthday. Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish’s parent company, brought it back in January of this year and simultaneously launched a Minnie Mouse version. Pepperidge Farm also debuted a Toy Story Goldfish in May 2019 in honor of the June theatrical release of Toy Story 4 that year.

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