The new Easter Egg Oreos have a purple filling & Spring-themed cookies

This limited-edition Oreo variant is now available at Target and Walmart.

Easter Egg Oreo New

Though there are still two months before Easter, cookie lovers can now indulge themselves with the new Easter Egg Oreos, which have begun to hit the store shelves earlier this week.

According to candy and snack directory The Junk Food Aisle, these limited-edition Oreos are now available at Target and Walmart.

First teased by Candy Hunting on Instagram last December, Easter Egg Oreos have egg-shaped chocolate sandwich cookies, which come in four different Spring-themed designs. One of which, as seen in the snack’s colorful packaging, features a half-seen bunny head with two Easter eggs hidden in the grass.

Instead of the regular white vanilla filling, Easter Egg Oreos have a purple-colored crème filling. While Popsugar and The Daily Meal reported that Easter Egg Oreos don’t actually taste any different from the classic Oreos, a few members of the taste test team at GateHouse Media Ohio said that the purple filling seems thinner, softer, flavorful, and tangier than the original.

Nabisco’s introduction of Easter Egg Oreos comes after the release of the company’s Love Oreos, which are basically berry-flavored Valentine’s Day cookies with messages of love printed right on the cookie.

As we previously reported, Nabisco is also bringing S’mores Oreo back to a store near you. According to Candy Hunting, the limited-edition Oreo sandwich cookie, which was last spotted in 2016, will be hitting the store shelves once again in late spring of 2019 with a brand new packaging.

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