If Disney Princesses were style icons in real life

The Disney Princesses have been reimagined as style mavens

If Disney Princesses were style icons in real life 14

Disney princesses are famous for their fairytale lives filled with love, kindness, resilience, and adventure. They have also become iconic for their legendary style. While they have traditionally been portrayed with unique fashion picks that match their respective eras, we can’t help but wonder what these royals would look like if they were style icons in the 21st Century.

Rapunzel is known for her long hair, Cinderella has her glass slippers, and Snow White has her classic puff sleeves, but it’s high time for a makeover courtesy of Gregory Masouras! This Athens-based photographer and illustrator brings our fashion dreams to life by reimagining our lovable Disney princesses as style mavens on holiday and as fierce females on the covers of the world’s most renowned magazines.