Stranded without a roll? Not with Charmin’s toilet paper delivery bot!

It’s just one of three ways Charmin is making potty progress at CES 2020

Stranded without a roll? Not with Charmin's toilet paper delivery bot! 1

Charmin is once again working hard to make the bathroom work for the millennial. On-demand toilet paper delivery is just one of three cheeky conceptual prototypes made to address potty hiccups everyone can relate to. They’re all on display at the Charmin GoLab at CES 2020 this week in Las Vegas!


The future does not include waddling to the cabinet to get a fresh roll. Controlled with a smartphone using Bluetooth, RollBot is a self-balancing bot that delivers a fresh roll of Charmin when you run out of toilet paper. The trade-off is that you have to use your phone while you’re on the porcelain, but hey, who among us?

According to a survey commissioned by the toilet paper brand, 58 percent of people ages 18-34 admit to being on the toilet before realizing they had run out of toilet paper. It’s not us — the data says RollBot would be the perfect bathroom buddy for those who are living alone or spend most of the day on their own at home!


Stranded without a roll? Not with Charmin's toilet paper delivery bot! 2
SmellSense 3D Image

SmellSense is an electronic monitoring system that lets you check how the bathroom smells without the danger of actually having to check it yourself. Using a sensor that detects carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide, SmellSense will confirm that the bathroom is still a hot zone, pushing out notifications that the bathroom is currently unsafe for living beings.

So, if you have that one co-worker who drops unholy bombs in the office, SmellSense could be the difference between a good or bad day in the office. Could be a must-have in every office, school dormitory, and other shared bathrooms!


Stranded without a roll? Not with Charmin's toilet paper delivery bot! 3
V.I.Pee 1 3D Image

Rigged out with an Oculus Rift S VR headset, V.I.Pee is the porta-potty of the future — once they get the VR rig sanitization thing figured out. Using the VR rig, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off when you had to duck out of the show to get down to business, giving you back lost moments and making the bathroom the best seat in the house. Bonus: if you get sick while using VR, you’re already in the right place.

“At Charmin, we’re always on a mission to bring people a better bathroom experience, and while that starts with the best TP, Charmin GoLab allows us to finally expand beyond just the seat” said Rob Reinerman, Charmin Brand Director, in a statement. “The concepts we’re bringing to CES are a playful way to showcase our relentless obsession with helping people Enjoy the Go now and into the future.”

Don’t expect to have the bathroom of the future anytime soon, though — Charmin has no plans to put anything they’re showing off at CES 2020 on the market. We can daydream, though, and we know just the place to do that.

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