Charli XCX releases music video for Super Nintendo World

The song, titled “We Are Born to Play,” introduces the upcoming Mario-themed attraction

Super Nintendo World theme park will feature Mario-themed smart wristbands & mobile app

Charlie XCX and Galantis’ have released a music video for their new song, ‘We Are Born to Play,’ which features footage of what may be included at the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan. Specifically, it focuses on Charli and Toad on top of Peach’s castle. The song itself also pays homage to classic Super Mario titles, and interpolates some of its most recognizable hits.

However, this isn’t the only news to come out of Super Nintendo World in the past few days. It has also been announced that the park will give children “Power Up Bands,” which can be synced with a smartphone or app. As a result, parents will be able to keep track of their children’s whereabouts.

Alongside this, the bands will allow guests to collect coins while also competing against other attendees in a variety of challenges. This has prompted Thierry Coup, the chief creative officer of Universal Creative, which designed Super Nintendo World, to call it a “life-size, living video game.”

The mobile app will also allow for park attendees to take advantage of an overhead map to find attractions. They can also unlock achievements, among other things. However, it’s currently unclear as to what attendees can do with the digital coins they collect.

That said, many publications have speculated that the coin could be some digital component for games or to use to pay for rides in the park. Reports have also suggested that there are several more Super Nintendo World theme parks planned for the future. To that effect, after Osaka, there are expansions planned for parks to be created in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida, as well as the possibility for another theme park installment in Singapore.

Beyond this, there’s relatively little known about the upcoming Super Nintendo World. One thing that is known for sure is that it will feature a life-size Super Mario Kart World.

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