Artist draws with a typewriter and the results belong in a museum

These elaborate artworks are made up of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks

Inspired by typewriter artist Paul Smith, young English artist James Cook creates highly detailed artworks using manual typewriters. Cook began drawing with typewriters in 2014 and now receives commissions for his works from all over the world. Drawing with typewriters requires a lot of patience, as the most complex piece can take him up to 30 hours to finish. Because of Cook’s love for architecture, the subjects of his typewriter art are mostly buildings and structures. He, however, also makes realistic portraits of people and animals, as well as still-life objects. Take a look at 30 of Cook’s best works in the slideshow below:

#1 St. Laurence Church

Credit: Instagram / jamescookartwork
Credit: Instagram / jamescookartwork

The first photo was taken by Cook himself on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon in December 2019 while drawing St. Laurence Church on location with a typewriter. This artwork was part of his short film featuring various historic buildings and towns in the English county of Essex where he lives. Formerly a priory, St. Laurence Church is an Anglican church known for its wooden bell tower.