The trailer for Amazon’s sci-fi comedy series Upload teases a cool digital afterlife

The new show is from The Office and Parks and Recreation creator Greg Daniels

Amazon Prime Video has released the first official trailer for the sci-fi comedy series Upload.

From The Office and Parks and Recreation creator Greg Daniels, Upload is set in the near future where people who are near death have the option of having their consciousness “uploaded” into a virtual reality (VR) environment where they can “live” for the rest of eternity.

The two-minute trailer starts with party boy Nathan (Robbie Amell) being rushed to the hospital after he crashed his car. While lying on a gurney, Nathan is asked where he would like to go: to the OR room or to the Upload room. His girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Rose Edwards) wants him to go to the Upload room so they could be together forever. Though Nathan thinks that forever could be so long, he ends up following his girlfriend’s request and has his consciousness uploaded into the luxurious digital afterlife called Lakeview.

Nathan is welcomed to Lakeview by Nora (Andy Allo), a cash-strapped customer service for the VR world. As seen in the trailer, Lakeview residents can change the season inside the digital world with just a turn of a knob. They can also build their own breathtaking views, customize their clothes, and eat whatever they like. But unlike in The Good Place’s version of the afterlife, this digital afterlife has money involved.

Lakeview residents can also have contact with the real world when their human counterparts enter the digital space using VR technology. And with Nora being Nathan’s point of contact as he adjusts to his new life, she develops romantic feelings for him. But can Nora’s affection towards Nathan make him feel less sorry for following his girlfriend’s wish to have his consciousness uploaded into Lakeview?

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Also starring Chris Williams, Kevin Bigley, and Owen Daniels, among many others, the 10-episode first season of Upload premieres on Amazon Prime Video on May 1st.

Source: Collider