Microsoft to release its All-Digital Xbox One S on May 7th

But we’re still waiting for more next-gen news

As we first reported in December, Microsoft today officially confirmed its disc-less Xbox One will launch this spring. In a news release, the company confirms a May 7th release as well as a $249 price point.

Available through Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon, the upcoming system will come bundled with Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves.

As you’d expect, the 4K-ready ‘All-Digital’ console will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s ever-expanding Game Pass service, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

While not yet officially confirmed, our reporting suggests Microsoft will launch its next-gen Xbox in late-2020. Sources tell us there will be at least two distinct versions, with one model keeping the physical drive as an option.

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