Wynonna Earp’s Dominique Provost-Chalkley celebrates her birthday by coming out

The actress admits she tried to hide her sexuality because she’s afraid of getting judged

Wynonna Earp’s Dominique Provost-Chalkley celebrates her birthday by coming out 1

Dominique Provost-Chalkley has come out as queer on her 30th birthday.

On Tuesday, the actress, who plays Waverly Earp on Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, published a lengthy post on her blog, sharing how she finally had the courage to show her authentic self to the world.

Provost-Chalkley didn’t mention when exactly she found out that she’s queer, but she did say that she tried to suppress her queerness as soon as it became clear to her that her “sexuality was viewed in a very complex and largely negative light.”

“I did NOT want to be different,” she explained. “Because being different got judged, and standing out for being different, to me, was absolutely something to be feared.  So I suppressed it. Wanting to be liked outweighed wanting to be being me.”

Provost-Chalkley revealed that she “was attracted to girls… but I also liked boys?!” but since she was trying to repress her true sexuality, she “focused really hard on the ‘boy part’, hoping that the other part of her would eventually go away.

When she entered showbiz at the age of 16, Provost-Chalkley thought it would be best for her to just shut out her little queer voice, but everything started to change when she landed the role of Waverly Earp in Wynonna Earp in 2015.

“[Showrunner] Emily Andras took a chance on me and cast me as the beautifully positive bisexual representation that is Miss Waverly Earp,” Provost-Chalkley wrote. “Through this incredible, enlightening journey of playing a queer character and meeting the fans that are drawn to her, I guess I’ve reevaluated how I am to face this part of me.”

Provost-Chalkley added that hanging out with members of the LGBTQ community over the past few years allowed her “to see, time and time again, people achieving mini milestones and stepping into their light.” And this has inspired the actress to “at least try being brave and hopefully contribute to the positive ripple effect that is caused when [members of the community] step up and live authentically.”

With that being said, Provost-Chalkley ended her post writing, “So, here goes…  I am queer. I am into ALL humans. I guess maybe I am just really into love? Who knows? But finally…  I am OUT. #OutIsTheNewIn.”

In addition to Waverly Earp in Wynonna Earp, Provost-Chalkley’s other queer roles include Elle in the 2017’s The Carmilla Movie and Sue in last year’s Tello film Season of Love.

Provost-Chalkley returns as Waverly Earp in Wynnonna Earp Season 4, which is set to premiere this summer on Syfy.

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