Will there be a Fate: The Winx Saga season 2?

Has Netflix renewed Fate: The Winx Saga for a second season?

Fate: The Winx Saga season 2

Update (February 18th): Netflix announced on Thursday that it has renewed Fate: The Winx Saga for season 2. And unlike the first season which only comprised of six episodes, the show’s sophomore run will have a total of eight episodes. Production on the new season will start this year in Ireland, with additional casting news yet to be announced.

The teen drama series has been in the number one spot of the streamer’s Top 10 most-watched titles since its January 22nd debut, so a second season is very likely. And because it is based on the animated series Winx Club that ran for eight seasons on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2019, there’s plenty of source material to draw from for potential future seasons.

Also, fantasy series like Stranger Things, The Witcher, and The Umbrella Academy tend to get multiple seasons on Netflix, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fate: The Winx Saga gets the same fate.

Furthermore, the six-episode freshman run of the show ended on a major cliffhanger ― something that would certainly send fans reeling if there would be no Fate: The Winx Saga season 2.

The first season follows a 16-year-old fire fairy named Bloom Peters (Abigail Cowen) as she develops her abilities at the magical school of Alfea and uncovers the dark truth about her real parents. At the end of the season, Bloom unlocks a new level to her powers, gaining her fiery fairy wings and beating an army of Burned Ones in the process. However, Rosalind (Lesley Sharp) — former headmistress of Alfea — killed Headmistress Farah Dowling (Eve Best) and takes over the school with the help of the Queen of Solaria (Kate Fleetwood) and her army.

Netflix’s latest breakaway hit, Bridgerton, has been on the streamer’s Top 10 ranking for almost a month before it was officially renewed for a second season. So if Netflix would follow that timeline, fans can expect Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 to be official sometime in February.

Though Fate: The Winx Saga has an intriguing plot enough to make viewers crave for more episodes, the show also faces some criticisms, including the whitewashing of Musa (Elisha Applebaum) and the non-inclusion of Flora, a Latinx fairy of nature from the original animated series. So if Netflix orders a second season, that could give the series an opportunity to address those issues.

In fact, in a recent interview with The Wrap, Cowen teased that Flora will probably make her live-action debut if the series gets a sophomore run. “Flora is actually not in our series,” she explained, noting that Eliot Salt’s character Terra was not a replacement for Flora. “If we are lucky enough to get a second season, I think Flora would be brought in and I would definitely welcome that.”

The actress continued: “I’m not a part of the casting process, but I do think, if the series does go to a second season, I think hopefully these concerns are something that can be addressed, because I do think diversity both in front of and behind the camera is vital and much-needed throughout the industry and internationally. So I think it’s important that we are having these conversations.”

Provided Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 becomes official, it’s likely that it won’t premiere on Netflix until 2022. But if its sophomore run will just have six episodes like the first season, there’s a slim chance that it will be ready to stream before the end of 2021. After all, Netflix has been known to speed up its timelines when working on subsequent seasons of its widely beloved original series.

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