Why is Hempz lotion so expensive?

Here’s why Hempz lotions are pricier than their competition

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why is Hempz lotion so expensive

If you’re one of those meticulous shoppers who skim through all items on the beauty aisle, then you’ve probably noticed that Hempz lotions are pricier than their counterparts from other brands. Almost all lotions are basically oil-in-water emulsions, so why is Hempz lotion so expensive compared to the majority of popular lotion brands?

What is Hempz lotion?

As its name implies, Hempz lotions contain 100% pure hemp seed oil. This is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Plant, which primarily explains the expensive price of all Hempz products. Hemp seed oil delivers powerful moisture to skin, as well as vitamin E that acts as a natural emollient, and omega fatty acids, which provide skin with a perfect ratio of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, key minerals, and fiber.

Why is Hempz lotion so expensive? 1

There are over 25 varieties of Hempz lotion on the market today, and all are made with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. For instance, some Hempz lotions contain pomegranate extract to help calm inflammation, while others include shea butter to protect the skin from the sun and dehydration. But whatever their key components are, all Hempz lotion varieties are only made with ingredients that come from nature, and this contributes to the brand’s hefty price tag.

In case you’re wondering, Hempz lotions won’t get you high, as they only contain hemp seed oil and extracts without any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the consciousness-altering compound in marijuana. So Hempz lotions and other Hempz products are safe to be used by people of all ages.

Who sells Hempz lotion?

Why is Hempz lotion so expensive? 2

Hempz lotions are available for purchase at Ulta.com and on Amazon. These gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free lotions are also being sold at major retailers like Walmart and Walgreens. Depending on the size and fragrance, Hempz lotions are retailing between $7 and $24 each bottle.