The world’s largest NERF battle is coming back to AT&T Stadium

Here’s where you can get tickets for June 25th’s Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle 7

The world’s largest NERF battle

The field of AT&T Stadium will again transform into the world’s largest NERF battle arena this June.

Organized and hosted by online influencer and digital media expert Jared Guynes, Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle is coming back to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on June 25th for the annual gathering of the biggest and most incredible foam blaster battle of all time.

Jared Guynes
Jared Guynes

Now on its seventh consecutive year, Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle is still the reigning Guinness World Record Holder for the “Largest Toy Pistol Fight” ― a feat it achieved back in 2016 with a total of 2289 NERF battle participants.

For this year, the Arlington event is the first of three planned events in Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle National Tour, which marks the first time the NERF event will go beyond Texas.

Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle 7 details

All attendees of Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle 7 can participate in a four-hour series of more than 15 amazing foam-flinging battles, which allow them to play with their NERF blasters on an NFL stadium field.

The world’s largest NERF battle

The world’s largest NERF battle is coming back to AT&T Stadium 2

Ticket holders will also have access to AT&T Stadium Self-Guided Tour, so they will be free to roam around the stadium, check out the locker rooms and cheerleader areas, and see the many amazing sights inside.

Guests will also have the chance to have a photo op with the aforementioned Guinness World Record, meet their favorite toy blaster YouTube celebrities, and try NERF blasters revealed at the 2022 New York Toy Fair and other previously announced NERF blasters that are yet to become available to the public.

The world’s largest NERF battle

The world’s largest NERF battle

Participants will also have entry into the Blaster Battle Costume Contest with $1000 in cash prizes, and purchase exclusive merchandise, collectibles, and more.

The world’s largest NERF battle

“My unique event is so cheap to attend it’s the same price as the Cowboys own ‘self-guided stadium tour’ which is also included in the cost of my events admission,” Guynes wrote in a Facebook post promoting the NERF event. “It’s not just a kids event either, it’s a truly fun and remarkable experience for all ages with foam flinging fun for 4 hours straight across 16 different battle scenarios. Live DJ. Interactive games. Free prizes. YouTube celebrity guests, and much more.”

Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle 7 ticket prices and quantity

The ticket prices and quantity for the NERF battle are divided into five tiers:

  • TIER 1 – 1-600 – $16
  • TIER 2 – 601-1200 – $18
  • TIER 3 – 1201-2000 – $22
  • TIER 4 – 2001-2400 – $27
  • TIER 5 – 2401-4000 – $32

As of writing, the only tickets available are from TIER 5. It’s worth noting, however, that tickets from all tiers are the same tickets with the same perks and access. The price increases as tiers sell out just to reward attendees who purchased early.

The event is the same price for any age above 2 and spectators also require tickets to enter. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, the event is capping the attendance to 4000 people.

You can buy your tickets here.

For a recap of last year’s Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle, watch the video below:

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