This flashy Super Mario blazer will power up your office outfit game

This women’s jacket features an all-over print with iconic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom

Are you a huge Mario fan who likes to show off your love for the Mushroom Kingdom even at work? If you are, then this newly released Super Mario blazer by OppoSuits is made for you.

This women’s jacket has a colorful all-over print featuring some of the most iconic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Bowser, the playful pattern also features images of Goomba, Koopa Paratroopa, Piranha Plant, Cheep Cheep, Blooper, and Boo. Completing the blazer’s fun-filled outer design are images of Fire Flowers, Super Stars, 1-Up Mushrooms, and Super Mushrooms.

Now Available

Super Mario Blazer

Covered in an all-over print with iconic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, this women’s blazer by OppoSuits features an inside pocket, front flap pockets, padded shoulders, and a back slit.


Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this fully lined, slim-fit blazer has padded shoulders and a back slit. It also features an inside pocket where you keep your phone and wallet, and front flap pockets, where you can put your keys and handkerchiefs.

Available in different sizes for $79.99 each, this officially-licensed Super Mario merchandise is for people who don’t take themselves too seriously, but still want to maintain a sense of style. Appropriate for semi-formal and casual occasions, this blazer looks good on top of a plain white shirt paired with cropped jeans. It also makes a great Halloween outfit, especially for women who are always on the go.

If you’re not much of a Mario fan, OppoSuits is also selling a women’s blazer inspired by the DC Comics character The Joker. Also priced at $79.99, the jacket has purple all-over print featuring images of the Joker playing card and the interjection haha.