The world’s strangest superstitions

Before you read this list, grab a four leaf clover for good luck!

Strangest superstitions

Depending on your beliefs and energy (and levels of anxiety), you’ll see luck unfolding in many forms. From stubbing your toe on the staircase to breaking your favorite mug, all the way to winning the lottery, you can either chalk it up to good luck, a higher power, or to the universe helping you manifest.

Whatever your beliefs are, you’ll surely love browsing through this list of 30 of the strangest superstitions in the world. And we’re not talking about your typical black cats and ladders. No, sir… but don’t worry, these are all just myths; there’s nothing to be scared of. But you better break out your talisman or four-leaf clover, you know, just to be sure…

What are the strangest superstitions in the world?

#1 Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other

Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other
Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Placing two mirrors opposite each other creates an infinity effect that looks extremely futuristic. While this aesthetic may be fun to look at, it’ll never fly in Mexico, wherein some people believe that two opposite mirrors could open a doorway for the devil… While we don’t believe in opening the doors for satan, but we’re just going to sprinkle some Holy Water just in case…