Roku TVs are now available at Best Buy

The first Roku TVs are finally available to purchase, and they’re affordable

Roku TV Select Series 4K
Roku Select Series 4K is now available at Best Buy

Roku has finally revealed details about the features and availability of its Roku Select and Plus Series TVs. The Roku TVs were first announced back at CES 2023.

This was big news because for the first time, Roku is taking complete control of its relationship with its customers by designing and making indoor TV sets itself. That said, Roku will continue to make TVs with partners like Hisense and TCL.

Roku is launching 11 Select Series and Plus Series TV models comprising of 24-inch to 75-inch that are HD and 4K TVs integrated with Roku’s streaming service, which offers users access to various free, live, and premium TV shows and films.

In launching this new set of Roku TVs, Roku aims to provide its users with all-in-one TVs that offer an improved streaming experience without breaking the bank. While we believe the TVs will undoubtedly deliver value for money – because there is a lot at stake for Roku – we don’t expect Roku TVs to be top-of-the-line TVs that compete with the likes of Samsung’s QLED lineup or LG OLED TVs, and you shouldn’t either.

The company is also announcing the launch of a new platform, Roku OS 12, which delivers a more personalized streaming experience and other new features.

Roku Plus Series TVs

Roku Plus Series TVs
Roku Plus Series TVs

We know the Plus Series TVs will come in two display variants, QLED and 4K. Roku says its QLED TVs will provide better picture quality using an expanded color palette and improved brightness capability. Meanwhile, the 4K TVs will leverage features like Dolby Vision Picture to produce detailed images with improved color and brightness.

Roku also revealed an automatic brightness feature that will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to fit the lighting in the room and optimize picture quality and detail, a local dimming feature that regulates the pixels in the screen to create deeper blacks, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity that allows users to enjoy faster streaming.

The Roku TVs will use Dolby Atmos-certified speakers to produce clearer and louder sounds while streaming. For users who want a more private experience, Roku says they can use the Bluetooth Private Listening feature to connect headphones directly to the TV for a more intimate viewing experience.

Furthermore, Roku announced that the TVs would come with a Roku Voice Remote Pro, which allows users to control the TV with voice commands and enjoy features like the Lost Remote Finder, which seems to be inspired by Apple’s “Find My” feature, shortcut buttons that users can personalize, and a rechargeable battery.

Roku Select Series TVs

Roku Select Series TVs
Roku Select Series TVs

Roku didn’t announce any specs for the Roku Select TVs, so we expect them to be the usual run-of-the-mill HD TVs with built-in Roku streaming. However, Roku has previously announced that Select TVs will also have good picture quality and come with the Roku Voice Remote.

Roku TVs availability

Roku has not announced specific pricing details for each of the 11 Roku TVs being launched, but we know they will range in price from $119 to $999. The TVs will be available starting today exclusively at BestBuy.

Update April 2024: Roku’s Pro Series TVs are now available too.

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