Roku Pro Series TV is an affordable alternative to Samsung’s Frame TV

The Roku Pro Series TV offers mini-LED backlighting, AI features and a host of premium TV features

Backdrops on Roku Series Pro TVs
Roku Pro Series TVs offer a backdrops feature which is similar to Samsung's Frame TVs art features

The Roku Pro Series TVs are now available. This affordable yet premium TV lineup promises an immersive viewing experience, cutting-edge picture innovations, enhanced audio, and an elegant design, while managing to offer some similar features to Samsung’s Frame TV.

Perhaps the standout feature of the Roku Pro Series is its mini-LED backlighting. This technology delivers deep blacks and highlights that enhance the overall picture quality. Coupled with a 4K, QLED, 120Hz panel, support for HDR10+, and Dolby Vision IQ, Roku promises viewers stunning visuals with over a billion colors.

Roku disclosed that the Roku Smart Picture Max feature builds on the Roku Smart Picture capability that shipped with previous Roku TV models. This time, the feature still uses custom metadata to optimize picture quality, but it also leverages AI capabilities to deliver refined color, contrast, and sharpness scene by scene in real-time.

Let’s not forget about the audio. The Roku Pro Series features Roku Soundstage Audio, which delivers immersive sound thanks to its new side-firing speakers. Roku promises richer spatial effects and deep bass, further enhancing the viewing experience.

In its latest iteration, the Roku Voice Remote Pro 2nd edition boasts backlit buttons, a 50% larger USB-C rechargeable battery, and revamped shortcut options that allow users to quickly access live TV or continue their binge-watching sessions.

Roku announced that the Roku Pro Series TVs have a dedicated remote finder button, conveniently located on the side of the TV, that triggers a chime on the remote to enable the user to find it easily.

Users can also trigger the chime in the remote through the Roku mobile app with the command: “Hey Roku, where’s the remote?” Additionally, the remote is touch-activated, so that when a user picks it up, its lights will turn on.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro 2nd edition also allows users to issue quick commands to turn off the TV, launch a channel, or pause a show.

Roku also unveiled Backdrops, an upcoming feature for all Roku TVs and streaming devices. This feature, reminiscent of Samsung’s The Frame TV, offers users the opportunity to turn their TV into a piece of art that complements their home decor.

Other notable features of the Roku Pro Series include Wi-Fi 6 integration for faster search, navigation, and content launching. Game mode promises seamless gaming experiences thanks to features like AMD Freesync Premium Pro and VRR for low-latency gaming.

Roku Pro Series Availability

Roku Pro Series TVs come in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models, priced from $899.99 to $1699.99. The Roku Slim-profile Wall Mount Kit is available for $99.99. These products are hitting the shelves this month at Best Buy.

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