Qualcomm’s AR glasses are now wireless

Qualcomm’s new wireless AR Smart Viewer also boasts a slimmer, sleeker profile

Qualcomm Wireless AR Smart viewer
Qualcomm's Wireless AR Smart viewer reference design isn't just cordless, it's also thinner and lighter

Qualcomm has announced that its wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design, powered by the Snapdragon XR2 platform, is now available for select partners.

Freeing the AR Smart Viewer from cables marks a milestone for Qualcomm’s development. The company has also taken things a step further by making the device even smaller.

The Wireless AR Smart Viewer essentially negates the need for a cord between AR glasses and a compatible smart device or processing puck while still being able to pull off lag-free, virtual AR experiences.

Wireless AR Glasses
Qualcomm’s Wireless AR Smart Viewer

Developed by Goertek, the new reference design offers a 40% thinner profile and a more balanced weight distribution for added comfort.

We briefly tested the new wireless AR Smart Viewer ourselves and were blown away by how lightweight and comfortable they are to use. The clarity of the picture on the new Wireless AR Smart Viewer is also very impressive.

The glasses boast two micro-OLED binocular displays with a 1920×1080 resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate capacity. Head and hand tracking is taken care of by three cameras: two of which are monochrome while one is RGB.

Additionally, the new reference design is able to achieve less than 3ms latency between a smart device and the AR glasses. FastConnect 6900 brings uninterrupted Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth connectivity on board as well.

When paired with the FastConnect XR Software Suite, you get to unlock additional features such as better control and preferential channel access for XR traffic, improving M2R2P (motion to render to photon latency). There’s a considerable decrease in Jitter and unwelcome interferences as well.

Power modes also help in extending the device’s battery life.

Qualcomm will be offering its new Wireless AR Smart Viewer reference design to select partners initially and will widen availability at a later date.

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