Pets versus mirrors

These pets took on the challenge of staring at their own reflections and the results are hilarious

Pets versus mirrors 1
Image From Reddit TonyBolgonaOG

If you’re a cat person, there is one thing you need to know; cats are royalty and we are their loyal servants. As cat owners, it is our sole duty to make these superior felines feel as pampered as possible. Also, give them yarn and nobody gets hurt. Dogs, on the other hand, are typically sweet creatures who will be your best friends forever. Just make sure to walk them frequently and give them lots of chew toys and treats. Otherwise, you can wave your shoes goodbye.

Ultimately, all pets are characterized by their individual quirks and personalities. No matter how different they may be from each other, there is one thing that unites them: mirrors. Read on to see how these 30 pets took on the challenge of staring at their own reflections.

#1 Cool cat

Pets versus mirrors 2
Image From Pinterest Danychette

These foldable hand mirrors are no match for the wrath of this cool cat. Check out that awesome shirt and retro sunnies. Now, that’s how you meow in style.

#2 Renaissance Kitty

Pets versus mirrors 3
Image From

This elegant feline looks ready to pose for her renaissance portrait. Observe how she masterfully tilts her head to the side to accentuate her best features. The mirror adds an exquisite effect that bounced radiant light off her fur. Truly, kitty modelling at its finest.

#3 Selfie Camera

Pets versus mirrors 4
Image From Reddit

Here’s an accurate representation of accidentally turning on the selfie camera just to be shocked by your own face, which seems to be framed by a double chin. Let’s face it; nobody looks good from that unflattering angle.

#4 Shocked

Pets versus mirrors 5
Image From Twitter @Bynie_

We know what’s going through this cat’s mind. He’s most likely thinking: ”Who is that gorgeous Greek god staring back at me?”

#5 Dark intentions

Pets versus mirrors 6
Image From Reddit

They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul. Well, if that is indeed true, how are we supposed to interpret the eerie lights beaming out of this kitty’s eyes as he/she stares ominously into the spine-chilling flames of that fireplace?

#6 Kiss Myself

Pets versus mirrors 7
Image From Reddit

There are days when we look so good that we can’t help but stare in the mirror for hours on end. This adorable piglet kicks it up a notch by kissing her reflection, because, why not? In the famous words of Bruno Mars: “Gotta kiss myself. I’m too pretty.”

#7 Pep talk

Pets versus mirrors 8
Image From Reddit Poopandsunshine

This tough pupper appears to be giving himself a pep talk. Don’t listen to the haters, because as far as we’re concerned you can chase your tail and that mailman did seem a bit shady. You can do it, boy. Just put your best paw forward!

#8 Captivated

Pets versus mirrors 9
Image From Reddit TonyBolgonaOG

This beautiful kitten has activated her big gray eyes to stare into this makeup mirror. Clearly an interesting sight for her, we’re sure she’ll be staring at her own reflection all day long.

#9 Otterly surprised

Pets versus mirrors 10
Image From Reddit Windhiss

Baby otter is happy to make a new friend who looks just like him. That is a look of happiness, right? Otherwise, he’s probably just trying to imitate the “Home Alone” movie poster.

#10 Self reflection

Pets versus mirrors 11
Image From Reddit

This cute little rabbit seems to be engaged in a profound session of self-reflection. How does rabbit feel? Has rabbit achieved his goals last year? What are rabbit’s goals for 2021? Does rabbit need to start working out? Does vigorous carrot chewing count as a sport?

#11 Does this mirror make me look fat?

Pets versus mirrors 12
Twitter @fatcatnluckydog

The perplexed look on this kitten’s face says it all: does this mirror make me look fat?

#12 High Five

Pets versus mirrors 13
Image From Reddit

When there is no one around to give you a comforting hug, you can always face the mirror and give yourself a well-deserved high five. After all, self-love is the highest form of love.

#13 Beauty Queen

Pets versus mirrors 14
Image From Twitter @jabba_the_hun

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s still Snow White, but this cat comes pretty close.

#14 Interrogation

Pets versus mirrors 15
Image From Reddit Pigswitch

We’re not sure what crime this cat has committed, but whatever it was, it must’ve been pretty big if it required him to interrogate himself.

#15 What have you done?

Pets versus mirrors 16
Image From Reddit Fitz9099Mon

Dear Kitty, you must’ve scratched up your owner’s favorite couch really bad for them to inflict this haircut upon you. You better reflect on your actions, so you don’t end up looking like a furry lollipop ever again.

#16 New Friend

Pets versus mirrors 17
Image From Reddit zp1012

This handsome ball of floof has recently discovered that he has a twin brother. Therefore, he has decided to bond with him over a game of roll-the-blue-ball-to-my-reflection. Please don’t burst his bubble. This is another dog, not a mirror.

#17 Photoshoot

Pets versus mirrors 18
Image From Twitter @m2nhyuk

Do not disturb a feline during her work. Can’t you see that she’s shooting her portfolio to join “Ameowrica’s Next Top Model”?

#18 Mirror Lick

Pets versus mirrors 19
Image From Reddit 11-110011

Foxes are cunning and majestic creatures. Give them a mirror, and they won’t shy away from giving themselves a healthy dose of self-appreciation.

#19 Two Puppies

Pets versus mirrors 20
Image From Reddit vanja123

When you have ocean eyes that vast and deep, it is only fitting that you gaze into the mirror with such invested depth.

#20 Hello, mirror, my old friend

Pets versus mirrors 21
Image From Twitter @nevona

We’re not sure if it’s the nostalgic look on this canine’s face, the distance between him and the tiny mirror, or the overall contrast of the photo; but whatever it is, this image is profound.

#21 Smile at yourself

Pets versus mirrors 22
Image From Imgur shelterpetadvocate

When we look in the mirror, we usually fix our hair, apply makeup, wash off eye boogers, or check out our outfits. But when was the last time you looked into the mirror simply to smile at yourself? This pretty doggo is here to remind you to take a break from scrutinizing your reflection, and just give yourself a kind smile.

#22 Stand up

Pets versus mirrors 23
Image From Reddit

The secret’s out: cats can actually stand on their hind legs. All you have to do is sneak attack them with their own reflection and they stand up straight, like us humans.

#23 Chilling Chinchilla

Pets versus mirrors 24
Image Karaleecupcake

Once upon a time, chinchilla came out to play. Little did he know that his plans would be altered when he encountered a large glass structure that mimicked his every move. He was entertained for hours. And chinchilla lived happily ever after.

#24 Who am I?

Pets versus mirrors 25
Image From Reddit

Cats may be fierce and independent beings, but they too are prone to the occasional existential crisis. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? Why am I?

#25 Morning Routine

Pets versus mirrors 26
Image From Imgur

Getting up early in the morning for school or work is never really easy. That’s why this guy has made it a habit to gaze into the mirror for a solid 15 minutes straight to mentally prepare himself to shower and brush his teeth. Don’t worry, doggo, the weekend is just around the corner!

#26 Makeup

Pets versus mirrors 27
Image From Pinterest おあ% ᷦ ᷦ ᷦᩡ“ℭℎ꧐꩝࿓᪶ヾ/hiatus

White furry kitties look like blushing snowballs when you add a little blush filter onto their cheeks. Also, why is kitty getting all dolled up? Is it date night already?

#27 Who are you?

Pets versus mirrors 28
Image From moral_aphrodesiac

Who are you and what are you doing in my house? Stop looking at me.

#28 Twinning with the hooman

Pets versus mirrors 29
Image From Instagram @michel_e_b

Hey, cats. Why not grab your hooman, get all spruced up with matching sunnies, and head out to paint the town in glitter?

#29 Mirror Selfie

Pets versus mirrors 30
Image From

If someone takes a mirror selfie with you, you know you’ll be BFFs forever. It’s simply the paragon of friendship.

#30 Attack

Pets versus mirrors 31
Image From

Uh oh, someone looks armed and ready to attack the mirror. Is this what people mean when they say that you are your own worst enemy?

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