Hilarious photos of pets in bread

Pet owners are putting their pets’ faces in loaves of bread and the results are hilarious

Hilarious photos of pets in bread 1

Ever since the pandemic caused the world to go into temporary lockdown, people have found brilliant ways to keep themselves entertained within their homes. Some have decided to take up online classes, learn how to sing or play an instrument, learn a new language, work towards their fitness goals, hang out with family and friends on Zoom or put their pets in bread.

To that effect, if you have a pet and haven’t (safely) put them in a piece of bread yet, then you need to get on it right away. In this list, we have gathered the funniest animals with their faces stuck in bread, and we think the animals enjoyed it just as much as their owners did! Read on to explore these silly assorted pets looking great in bread.

#1 Angry doggo versus bread

Source: Instagram @ajax2lexi

This adorable pomeranian doesn’t look amused by the bread mask his/her owner just subjected them to. Just look at that adorable little ball of anger trying to break free.