PATRÓN Margarita Smart Coaster by Barsys turns cocktail lovers into expert bartenders

This limited-edition kit teaches you how to make the best tequila-based cocktails at home

Making the ultimate PATRÓN margarita and tequila cocktails at home has just gotten easier.

Officially made available on Tuesday, the PATRÓN Margarita Smart Coaster by Barsys will turn cocktail lovers into expert bartenders in an instant. A collaboration between tequila brand PATRÓN and automated home bartender maker Barsys, the limited-edition kit has all the tools needed to create the perfect margarita and a variety of other cocktails at home.

Priced at $149, each kit is comprised of the Barsys Smart Coaster, two PATRÓN rocks glasses, a custom PATRÓN branded TAJÍN salt rimmer, a lime squeezer, and a shaker. A bottle of PATRÓN tequila, however, is not included and will need to be bought separately.

Powered by Barsys Smart Bar Technology, the Coaster connects directly to your smartphone through the Barsys Coaster app and guides you to precisely measure each cocktail ingredient as you pour them one by one into a container. After picking a cocktail you want to make from the app, simply place a glass, shaker or pitcher onto the Coaster surface and start pouring the ingredients one at a time. The coaster blinks green when it’s time to mix in the next ingredient. Follow all the steps in the recipe displayed on the app before garnishing.


The PATRÓN Margarita Smart Coaster by Barsys is now exclusively available for pre-order at The PATRÓN cocktail recipes, which can also be used with the original Smart Coaster by Barsys, will remain available on the Barsys app even after the limited-edition kits sell out.