Nokia C-Series offers jaw-dropping prices for a smartphone

The Nokia C110 and C300 offer impressive mid-range specs at budget-friendly prices

Nokia C300
The Nokia C300 is priced at $139

The Nokia C-series, which includes the Nokia C110 and C300, has officially been launched for U.S. customers.

The new phones offer a “minimalistic Nordic design” and use polycarbonate materials in their external structure to ensure the devices uphold Nokia’s legacy of developing tough and durable phones. But the best part? You get this great build quality all without breaking the bank.

Nokia C110 and C300
Nokia C110 (left) and C300 (right)

Nokia C110

The Nokia C110 offers a 6.3-inch HD display with a V-notch design that is consistent with many mid-range Android smartphones. It has a 13MP rear camera that supports Portrait mode and Night mode.

Its body incorporates a 3D texture pattern on the body, ensuring users have a firmer grip on the device. And it comes with the latest Android 12 pre-installed. Nokia promises users a reimagined UI, enhanced privacy features, and an octa-core processor with fast and smooth device performance.

The Nokia C110 will be priced starting from $99 and will be available in color grey.

Nokia C300

The Nokia C300 boasts a slightly larger 6.5-inch HD display and shares the same V-notch design as the C110. The C110 also offers IP52 protection and AI-powered battery-saving features that HMD claims will enable the Nokia C300 last for 2 days on a single charge.

The Nokia C300 also has a 13MP rear camera, an 8MP selfie-camera, support for Android 12, an octa-core processor, and a 3D texture design for a stronger grip.

The Nokia C300 will be priced starting from $139 and will be available in blue.

Nokia C-series Availability

The super budget-friendly Nokia C-series devices are now available at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, as well as at pre-paid carriers.

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