A Barbie Flip Phone is coming and it’s pink

The Barbie flip phone arrives this summer from the same company that makes Nokia phones

Barbie Flip Phone

HMD, the parent company of Nokia, is partnering with Mattel to create what they call the “Barbie Flip Phone,” targeting Barbie fans of all ages. The companies did not release any details on the specs of the device, so we have nothing to go on—except perhaps the pink flip phone in the hands of a Barbie doll in the photo that came with its press release.

However, the companies promise that the device will embody the “vintage chic” Barbie is known for, likely coming in pink and featuring the signature sparkles of the Barbie brand.

The Barbie Flip Phone was officially unveiled at MWC 2024, and it’s expected to arrive sometime in the summer 2024.

Barbie Flip Phone

Commenting on the upcoming release, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lars Silberbauer, described the philosophy behind the device with the phrase: “swap reel life for real life.” In simple terms, HMD and Mattel are positioning the Barbie Flip Phone as a “digital detox solution” for a world addicted to screens and the internet.

The companies justified this move back to an analog phone using 2023 data from a study conducted by GWI Social that revealed that “38% of 16-24 year-olds worry they spend too much time on their smartphone.” The study also revealed that a third of US-based Gen Z “are actively trying to limit time on social media, and their fear of missing out (FOMO) is creeping down.”

That said, it’s not confirmed yet if the Barbie Flip phone will be a smartphone or a simple feature phone.

In any case, the Barbie Flip phone could vastly improve HMD’s fortunes. It’s worth noting that although HMD says that 2023 was the first year that the company has been profitable, the HMD smartphone maker has struggled with sales of its Nokia devices. Meanwhile, it reported that its Flip Phone sales more than doubled in 2023, and it expects more growth in 2024.

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