HMD Pulse is an affordable, repairable smartphone

The company aims to make 3 out of every 4 devices it sells in Europe in 2024 repairable

HMD Pulse+

HMD Global, the Finnish mobile phone company that acquired Nokia from Microsoft in 2016, has unveiled its much-anticipated lineup of user-repairable phones, dubbed HMD Pulse.

Over the years, HMD has introduced several Nokia smartphones with varying degrees of success in the market. Now, the company is taking a bold step by focusing on its own smartphones, signaling a shift in its strategy. The HMD Pulse lineup consists of three devices: HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+, and HMD Pulse.

But these phones are not just about flashy features; HMD is making a commitment to sustainability and repairability. In fact, the company aims to make three out of every four devices it sells in Europe in 2024 repairable, a significant increase from the one in three devices in 2023. It’s refreshing to see a company prioritize repairability in its products.

In line with this demand, the HMD Pulse was designed to be repairable, a feature HMD has tagged “Gen 1 repairability.” Diving deeper into how this works, HMD disclosed that it is collaborating with iFixit to empower HMD Pulse device owners to easily repair damaged displays, bent charging ports, or weak batteries with a self-repair kit from iFixit.

This is a massive change in the approach smartphone makers have traditionally taken, and it heralds the dawn of a new age – an age where our devices are easy to repair and can be used for longer periods, reducing the total e-waste generated across the globe.

The devices sport a minimalist appearance, with clean lines and calm colors. Users will have three color options, Glacier Green, Twilight Purple and Black Ocean.

Within the lineup, the HMD Pulse Pro stands out for photography enthusiasts, boasting a 50MP selfie camera equipped with AI features for gesture control and enhanced night-time photography through its AI Super Portrait mode. In contrast, the HMD Pulse+ features a 50MP rear camera and depth sensor, offering versatility in capturing different types of shots. Meanwhile, the HMD Pulse sports a 13MP camera, suitable for everyday photography needs.

It’s worth noting that HMD makes a bold claim of up to 59 hours of battery life for both the HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse models.

HMD Pulse lineup availability

Starting April 24th, consumers can purchase the HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse directly from starting at 99 GBP for the HMD Pulse and 149 GBP for the HMD Pulse+.

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