Nike unveils its high-tech Adapt BB basketball shoe

And they say cleats are next

Did you know during the course of a professional basketball game, a player’s foot can expand by nearly a half-size? We know, it’s a bit freaky – right?

Since comfort and movement are the acmes of top-notch performance, Nike has been hard at work developing smarter, more customizable sneakers.

Nearly a month ago we first reported that the Portland-based company was planning to release an all-new smart sneaker. Now we can report that the Adapt BB is here.

Designed to offer a “truly customized fit for every basketball player,” the Adapt BB is a Bluetooth-connected ‘smart’ shoe that benefits from Nike’s FitAdapt technology.

According to Nike, the Adapt BB basketball sneaker will be just the first shoe to feature this sophisticated tech. We’ve learned they’re also planning to roll out FitAdapt tennis/running shoes and soccer/football cleats in the near future.

These are expected to go for $350 when they hit stores next month.