MyCharge’s UnPlugged is a wireless charger and portable battery pack all-in-one

MyCharge built a fast wireless charger into one of their high quality USB battery packs

MyCharge's UnPlugged is a wireless charger and portable battery pack all-in-one 1

MyCharge has recently launched a lineup of portable wireless charging devices. The new UnPlugged charger looks like a standard portable battery, it feels like a battery, it even has USB ports for charging, but little would you know that it houses a Qi wireless charger inside. Just plop any supported phone on top of it and you’re charging at high speeds.

There’s support for iPhone 8 and up, the recent Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones, and most other Android phones released in the last few years.

The UnPlugged charger comes in a variety of battery capacities: 3k, 5k, 8k, and 10k which will get most phones at least one full charge up to maybe 5 full charges. The 3k and 5k models will charge your phone at up to 5 watts of power, while 8k and 10k will charge at 10 watts. 10-watt wireless charging is pretty much the fastest the iPhone can support right now. The 3k model has one USB port, while the others have two. This means you could charge three devices at a time.

If you look through MyCharge’s website, you’ll notice they put a lot of emphasis behind battery quality and safety. There’s a handful of features behind the scenes to help charge your device as quickly as possible and to give you a battery you can rely on. UnPlugged is supposed to hold a charge for up to a year. All of the chargers support “rapid recharge” which charges them up to 50% faster than competitors.

Physically, the UnPlugged chargers look great. They’re sleek and modern looking, and basically the size of a fat phone. There are 5 LED status lights to display the remaining battery. On the bottom are one or two full-sized USB ports and a micro-USB port for charging UnPlugged (cable included). They all support pass-through charging so you can charge your phone and the power bank at the same time.

While wireless charging may not be as fast as using a cable, we love the ease and compatibility of wireless. If you have a friend in need of a charge and there’s no lightning cable or USB-C cable, they’ll be in good hands with the UnPlugged. Additionally, you may only have one cable, but need to charge two devices at once. Since all the UnPlugged devices are about the size of a phone, just a bit thicker, they’re really easy to pocket. If you’re charging while it’s pocketed, you just need to make sure they stay lined up.

MyCharge is currently available from Amazon and the prices are quite reasonable. Pricing ranges from $14.99 for the 3,000mAh model to $34.99 for the 10,000mAh model. Notably, there’s also the “Dual” 10k Unplugged that can also be charged from a wireless charger. This model costs $14.99 for the 3,000mAh model to $34.99 for the 10,000mAh model.

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