Anker’s PowerCore III Sense 10k review: One hell of a blazing fast battery pack 18

Anker’s PowerCore III Sense 10k review: One hell of a blazing fast battery pack

It can charge the iPhone 11 Pro to 50% in just 30 minutes

Anker’s PowerCore III Sense 10k review

Bottom line

There are a ton of portable battery packs out there but Anker’s PowerCore III Sense 10k stands out by being one of the fastest thanks to its 18w charging.



  • Super-fast 18w charging
  • Can charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • Sleek design
  • Charges up fast
  • 18-month support


  • USB-C to Lightning cable not included
  • Somewhat pricey

There’s a ton of portable battery packs out there but Anker’s PowerCore III Sense 10k is the fastest charger we’ve gotten our hands-on, and has quickly become one of our favorites. It’s a 10,000 mAh battery pack with both USB-C and USB-A charging ports capable of cranking out 18W power delivery, and charging two devices at once. It’s about the size of our phone, but a little thicker and a little heavier. Since it’s flat, it’s easy to pocket and stack under our phone.

While we’ve been using this charger primarily to fast charge our iPhone 11 Pro, it’s capable of charging pretty much any phone as fast as the fastest wall chargers. It can also charge tablets and iPads. While it’s not publicized, and maybe not recommended, it was even able to charge our MacBook Pro 13”, but of course not as fast as a typical wall charger. In any case, this makes PowerCore III Sense a fantastic backpack accessory to juice you up in a pinch. With a 10k mAh you can charge most phones fully twice, if not three times over. It will charge most tablets and iPads fully once.

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The USB-C port uses an ultra-fast 18W Power Delivery. The USB-A port is Power-IQ enabled and has a 2.4A output; it charges about as fast as possible for an A port. There’s also a trickle-charging mode for low-power devices.

Using Anker’s USB-C to Lightning cable (which is not included), or the one Apple included with our iPhone 11 Pro, we were able to charge the iPhone 11 Pro as fast or faster than all of our USB-C wall chargers. We were able to charge noticeably faster with this PowerCore III Sense than any USB-A wall charger, and it also blows USB-A battery banks out of the water. To that effect, in half an hour it could get the iPhone 11 Pro from 0% to over 50%. It charged about 2% per minute for at least the first half of my iPhone’s battery. In comparison, my USB-A portable chargers barely get me to 20% in 30 minutes and can take well over an hour to get to 50%.


The PowerCore III Sense 10k comes in a few nifty finishes. There’s a textured fabric finish on the top paired with a matching matte plastic shell. There’s a sun-kissed coral, steel blue, winter sage (pictured), and a venetian red option. It comes with a travel pouch and a USB-C to USB-C cable and retails for $49.99, which is somewhat pricey. But if any company knows power and speed charging at this point, it’s Anker. And when you’re paying around $1000 for a phone you might as well pair it with a quality battery pack.