The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet

These fantastic cosplayers are bound to turn some heads

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 1

The art of cosplay originated in Japan back in 1984. The phenomena has swiftly spread across borders and become a huge trend internationally, having evolved from simply donning a costume to international competitions and conventions. As a matter of fact, cosplay is now considered a universal form of art. Everything from Manga and Anime to superheroes can be found in the world of cosplay.  But perhaps the greatest thing about it is that it possesses the power to bring people from a vast range of fandoms together.

We’ve gathered 25 of the most astounding female cosplayers that will inspire you to rummage through your old costume chest and to feel like a true superhero (or villain, it’s really up to you).

#1 Laney Jade Fenimore

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 2
Source: Instagram @laneyfeni

This strong femme’s forte is superheroes and villains. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of Marvel and DC characters, just like this one where she’s channeling a female version of Aquaman.

#2 Christina Fink

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 3
Source: Instagram

It isn’t easy being a damsel in distress, but Christina Fink plays the role perfectly as she dishes up her own version of Princess Fiona from the Disney movie, Shrek.  And we can’t help but wonder what’s taking her prince so long to climb up the tower and save her. Maybe he’s stuck in traffic? 

#3 Linda Le

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 4
Source: Instagram @vampybitme

Linda Le is also widely known as Vampy Bit Me. The Vietnamese beauty jumped into the world of cosplay at the young age of 12. She rose to fame when a Japanese toy manufacturer featured her cosplay images in their sales material. Her signature looks include characters from X-Men, Deadpool, Nightwing, and Morrighan: the Goddess of Vengeance, pictured above.

#4 Anna Redei

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 5
Source: Instagram @enjinight

Also known as Enji Night, Anna Redei specializes in Japanese Anime inspired cosplay. Among her most notable cosplay endeavors are Spider-Gwen, Lara Croft, Ms. Marvel, and Black Cat.

#5 Lyz Brickley

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 6
Source: Instagram @lyzbrickley

Deviating from the usually revealing attire of cosplayers, Liz Brickley channels her inner Link from Legend of Zelda along with her fairy costume-clad baby girl. Liz’s cosplay journey began in 2009 when she designed a costume for Blizzcon. Her creation launched her career and made her one of the top notch cosplayers on the planet. Her whimsical cosplay portfolio includes characters from Soulcailbur, Overwatch, and Super Street Fighter.

#6 Hannah Eva

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 7
Source: Instagram @hannaheva

Hannah Eva puts a royal twist to her cosplaying style, as she transforms herself into primarily Disney princesses and video game fairies, which is why her Instagram feed will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into Wonderland. Aside from her success in cosplay, Hannah has multiple awards for her photography and writing. 

#7 Meagan Marie

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 8
Source: Instagram @meaganmarie

See gender swapping at its finest with the amazing cosplay of Meagan Marie. To that effect, over the years, Marie has successfully put female flair onto popular male characters. But two of the best ones have to be her renditions of Mario and Two-Face.

#8 Jannet Vinogradova

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 9
Source: Instagram @jannetincosplay

This Russian artist and entrepreneur showcases her breathtaking talent as she transforms herself into hyper realistic versions of Anime characters and superheroes. To that effect, the resemblance she creates is so uncanny, it would make you question whether she posted a photo of the actual character or herself. Here she is in a marvelous Elastigirl costume.>

#9 Alyson Tabbitha

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 10
Source: Instagram @alysontabbitha

This stunning woman showcases her extraordinary talent, as she traverses the entire spectrum of cosplay. We’re not sure how she does it, but whether Alyson is recreating a male or female character, or even an inanimate object, she manages to pull it off perfectly. Her past jaw-dropping cosplay outfits include Edward Scissorhands, Nebula, Wonder Woman, Arwen Undomiel, and even Captain Jack Sparrow. To top it all off, Alyson doesn’t just dress the part, she makes the dresses too. That’s right, all her costumes are proudly handmade. In the photo above you can see her portraying herself as Wonder Woman, and it’s such a good portrayal that she could give Gal Gadot a run for her money.

#10 Amanda Costigan

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 11
Source: Instagram @akrcos

Born and raised in Florida, Amanda Costigan has been sharing otherworldly cosplay content since 2014. Her spectacular transformations may seem impossible to recreate, but this artist actually shares exclusive cosplay tutorials with her subscribers via Patreon. In the image above, she has morphed into Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. 

#11 Amie Lynn

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 12
Source: Instagram @misshabit

Before venturing into cosplay modeling, Amie Lynn was a fan of Japanese pop culture and video games. This lovely video game enthusiast made her way into the cosplay world in 2009 when she was invited by her college friends to an Anime Expo. As she progressed as a cosplay model, Amie Lynn started creating her own costumes and armor.  

#12 Anna Martin and Evy Thomas

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 13
Source: Instagram @magnetomystique

This quirky duo never fails to bring their A-game to cosplay conventions. Their makeup, design, and special effect skills are second to none. Whether they’re suited up as Beetlejuice and Lydia or Magneto and Mystique, Anna and Evy are a force to be reckoned with.  

#13 Aza Miyuki

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 14
Source: Instagram @aza_miyuki

This Asian stunner is one of South Korea’s premier cosplayers. She began dabbling into cosplay in 2011 as part of the group the Spiral Cats. In 2013, she joined another cosplay team called Acrown. Aza Miyuki’s self-made costumes are heavily influenced by her fashion design skills. When it comes to picking a character to portray, she can even pull it off with all genders. Her immense popularity stems from the fact that she gladly interacts with her fans during game expos. Furthermore, Aza jumpstarted a music career in 2017, launching her first single “Cosplay Girl”, solidifying her status as a girl of many talents. 

#14 Crystal Graziano

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 15
Source: Instagram @crystalgrazianocosplay

This cosplaying genius has shown amazing versatility with her versions of Marvel and DC heroes. Her cosplay journey began in 2005 along with her husband, Todd Graziano. Besides for cosplay, Crystal also works as a freelance artist. Her spectacular illustrations can be seen on Deviantart and on her website, Crystal Fae.

#15 Ely Cosplay

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 16
Source: Instagram @eeelyeee

Ely Cosplay is an established cosplayer who hails from Taipei, Taiwan. This real life doll is known for her extraordinarily detailed ensembles that bring well-loved gaming and Anime characters to life. To make her Instagram feed even more interesting, she frequently posts photos of her cute cats, Mya and Regal. At the young age of 23, Ely is also the youngest and richest cosplayer of all time.  

#16 Gladzy Kei

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 17
Source: Instagram @gladzykei

This Canadian artist and cosplayer rose to stardom initially with her  illustrations of female Disney characters clad in suits of armor. Soon after, she brought her artistic skills into cosplay, and has revamped characters like Moana, Mulan, Esmeralda, Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sailor Mercury. To top it off, this talented girl has also published her first book titled Cosplay Artbook Vol. 1. 

#17 Karishma Cosplay

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 18
Source: Instagram @chai_and_cosplay

Karishma Cosplay is nothing short of brilliant. Head to her Instagram account to see her inventive portrayals of the comic world’s greatest heroes and villains. One of the most noteworthy ones is her classic rendition of DC’s resident quirky girl, Harley Quinn.

#18 Katie George

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 19
Source: Instagram @katiecosplays

Katie George has appeared in multiple national and international conventions, such as the Momocon and Anime Matsuri. She discovered her love for cosplay at age 12 and attended her first convention in Atlanta along with her mother. Now, she doesn’t just participate in competitions, she serves as a panelist and host as well. In the photo above, she channels one of her favorite Anime characters, Sailor Cosmos.

#19 Kim Jung Hoon

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 20
Source: Instagram @tomiaac

This Korean charmer is better known as Tomia. She kicked off her cosplay career as part of the team called Spiral Cats. However, it wasn’t long before she embarked on a successful solo career. What fans love most about her are her intricate and sophisticated costumes. Her overall look is constantly on point, and she always engages her fans with her sparkling personality.

#20 Lindsay Elyse

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 21
Source: Instagram @gglindsayelyse

Would you care for some world domination with Loki, the god of mischief? Thanks to her undeniable talent, this professional model and actress was catapulted to international acclaim. She’s been hired by famous video game companies, such as the Japanese CAPCOM and American Bethesda to portray popular characters at game conventions. Making her even more awesome than she already is, Lindsay also has a significant list of TV show appearances under her belt.

#21 Holly Wolf

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 22
Source: Instagram @hollywolfirl

This gamer girl has a slew of superhero and Anime characters in her portfolio. Some of the most popular ones being Spider Gwen, Sailor Venus, Princess Zelda, Borg Queen, and the white Witch of Narnia. Before she ventured into cosplay, Holly Wolf studied musical theater, special effects makeup, sewing, and set design. 

#22 Madison Kate

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 23
Source: Instagram @madikat.cosplay

If you think this beautiful cosplayer looks like Alyson Tabbitha, that’s because they’re sisters! Madison Kate focuses on creating affordable yet stunning cosplay versions of characters from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Pokemon. In 2017, she was invited to be a speaker at the Megacon cosplay panel. With a growing number of social media followers and impressive collection of cosplay ensembles, it’s evident that talent and beauty run in the family.

#23 Anna Faith

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 24
Source: Instagram @annafaith

Anna Faith’s cosplay career took off when she and her sister, Lexus Grace, donned Anna and Elsa costumes. The elegant dresses, which were designed by their mother, gained much attention in the cosplay world. It wasn’t long before the siblings were invited to royal events, radio shows, and magazine shoots. Anna Faith proceeded to portray more than Disney princesses alone, as you can see, she also makes for a very convincing female Pennywise.

#24 Ani-Mia

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 25
Source: Instagram @Animiaofficial

Ani-Mia kicked off her modeling career in 2001, and discovered her love for cosplay in 2008. Aside from dressing the part, this cosplay powerhouse adapts the personalities of the characters she’s portraying as well. Vast cosplay costumes may be her forte, but Ani-Mia’s prolific career spans to writing, hosting, and acting as well.

#25 Maria Ramos

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 26
Source: Instagram @mariexdoll

This Latina beauty discovered her interest in cosplay while watching the Cartoon Network. Her first cosplay recreations were derived from Manga and other Japanese pop culture characters. On her Instagram account, Maria Ramos channels her inner Black Widow, Spidergirl, Harley Quinn, Betty Rubble, and Velma from Scooby Doo.

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