Looney Tunes is getting NFTs, starting with Tweety

Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? promises to hit the Looney Tunes fandom with some good ol’ nostalgia

The all new Looney Tunes What's Up Block? NFT program
The all-new NFT program: Looney Tunes What's Up Block?

Soon, Looney Tunes fans will get to witness a never-before-seen narrative of the Looney Tunes franchise in the form of an NFT program. Specifically, Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? promises to hit the Looney Tunes fandom with some good ol’ nostalgia this summer.

The first drop will feature none other than Tweety bird, celebrating the iconic avian’s 80th anniversary. As expected, visual variations common to character NFTs will be available for the entire Tweety-themed roundup.

So fans can expect different versions of clothing, accessories, or even expressions to be distributed as different NFTs. For members of Nifty’s who already have specific related NFTs, additional early access sale privileges will be provided.

Future perks of the program include virtual meet-and-greet events, sneak previews of upcoming content, and discounts on various Looney Tunes merchandise.

As for the avatars themselves, fans can mint them on the Palm Network, a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs since it allows for fast transaction finality and low gas costs.

Tweety NFT
Users can mint the program’s Tweety avatars on the Palm Network

So, how exactly will this “NFT-driven” storytelling go? Although Warner Bros. Consumer Products didn’t really specify, if the last rollout of Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs and the Matrix Avatars program by the same media subsidiary are anything to go by, we suppose it will take the form of short animated events.

The NFTs will then become the key merch that connects the stories together, giving tantalizing previews on what to expect next. At the very least, the announcement makes it clear that these NFTs are unique, as all parties involved are “committed to developing experiences that go beyond simply collecting NFTs.”

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