LEGO DC Universe Characters

LEGO unveils DC Universe set featuring Poison Ivy and the Flash

LEGO is showing off the new set at San Diego Comic-Con

There have been so many DC movies coming out over the last number of years. Some of them have been great (Wonder Woman) and some of them haven’t quite hit the mark (yes, we are looking at you Suicide Squad).

However, one of the main things this wave of movies show is the potential for storytelling within the DC universe. With such a wide variety of characters, there is always potential for a different style or interpretation of the stories.

Perhaps, that’s why DC toys are so popular – because many folks love imagining the next adventure the likes of Batman, The Flash or Poison Ivy will get into.

There are folks of all ages who love creating and recreating these mishaps – or just collecting each item as the new stories pop onto our shelves in comics or into out theaters as blockbusters.

One item that has always been good for these sort of imaginative people is LEGO and they have returned with another wave of DC-related toys.

One of their new sets is based around DC superheroes and includes four mini-figures; Batman, Poison Ivy, The Flash and Firefly.

This set, which has 375 pieces and is priced at $39.95, features Batman and Poison Ivy battle-ready wearable suits too. They look pretty cool and will definitely set the imagination alight.

The whole set is customisable and ideal for anyone who wants to create the next DC blockbuster within their own imagination… just try to do better than Batman and Robin, please.