Birthday cake-flavored Kit Kats are hitting the shelves this April

It’s the first-ever Kit Kat bar to include sprinkles

It’s official: birthday cake-flavored Kit Kats are a real thing, and they’re coming to a store near you this spring.

The Hershey Company has recently announced that Kit Kat Birthday Cake will be available nationwide this April. Inspired by the delicious white crème-flavored birthday cake, this Kit Kat variant is the first-ever Kit Kat bar to include sprinkles.

In a statement, Justin Kukura, senior manager chocolate product development at The Hershey Company, said that “Kit Kat Birthday Cake delivers on the universal love of the layers of birthday cake flavor and aroma of frosting perfectly paired with the surprise crunch of sprinkles.”

Instagrammer Junk Food Leaks, who leaked the new Kit Kat flavor on Instagram last November, said that Kit Kat Birthday Cake tastes a lot like the frosting of a funfetti cake. “The Kit Kats themselves are a bit harder, as milk chocolate and confection are different, but moving past that, you’re delighted to impeccable crunch, and flashbacks to eating spoonfuls of funfetti cake frosting right out of the jar,” read a portion of Junk Food Leaks’ review of the new flavor.


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Kit Kat Birthday Cake is the third new limited-edition Kit Kat flavor announced this year, following the successful release of Raspberry Crème and Lemon Crisp.

Kit Kat Birthday Cake will be available in a standard 1.5 oz bar size with a suggested retail price of $1.09. And since it’s a limited-edition flavor, Kit Kat lovers should try it as soon as possible before it’s all gone. But in the event you missed it, worry not, as Kit Kat said that it will be releasing more exciting new flavors throughout the year.