Jimmy Fallon asked viewers what laws the world is missing, and the responses are hilarious

It’s common knowledge that there are laws that everyone needs to abide by. It’s simple; don’t kill anyone, don’t hurt anyone, don’t steal, and clean up after your pets. Aside from these universal rules that are obviously essential, what other laws does the world need?  If you’d ask us, we would declare 3-day weekends for everyone or that people need to take an entrance exam before being allowed to use social media.

Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show asked his viewers to voice out their ideas with the hashtag #ThereShouldBeALaw and the results are hilarious.

#1 Anti face filters

Credit: Twitter @namastemfers

This would save a hell of a lot of people from being cat-fished. But wouldn’t it be great if dating apps could automatically detect face filters?

#2 Difficult questions

Credit: Twitter @FamousInMyPhone

We all have that one friend who occasionally puts us on the spot with extremely difficult questions. Do these glasses make my nose look big? Do these jeans make me look fat? You don’t want to lie to them, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings either. What to do? What to do?

#3 Double Law

Credit: Twitter @RyanBartholomee

It’s a given that laws exist to be obeyed, but obviously it isn’t clear enough for some people. Let’s implement an extra law like this just for emphasis.

#4 Angry toddlers

Credit: Twitter @everyourskrys

People get voted into a political position, because the public believes that they can be leaders who will behave professionally. This should be reflected in their tweets as well. Just say no to angry toddler tweets!

#5 The elevator rule

Credit: Twitter @MLeonard8

Elevators are important, but if you only need to travel one floor down, and you’re not carrying anything heavy, please consider taking the stairs. It’ll make a great cardio workout and it’s also better for the environment.

#6 No questions during the movie, please

Credit: Twitter @hilebryson

Do you know someone who does this? Or are you someone who does this? Trust us, if you just keep your questions to yourself, the storyline of the movie will eventually answer them. Plus, the person next to you will be thankful that you let them enjoy the movie, instead of interrogating them about it.

#7 Relax Room

Credit: Twitter @Falpal4

Forget escape rooms, panic rooms, and even bathrooms, have you ever heard of relax rooms? We’d definitely vote yes for this law!

#8 Airport walk

Credit: Twitter @rugratnat14

Finally, somebody said it! If you’re a slow walker, please migrate to one side in order to avoid annoying the people behind you. Thank you for your cooperation.

#9 Work bathroom etiquette

Credit: Twitter @mjnewby1

Goodbye, work bathroom stench! If this one becomes an actual law, we can already imagine people running from their office all the way back to their homes or a nearby fast-food chain just to poop. If you don’t want to go through this horror, just please poop before you come to work or don’t eat spicy burritos for lunch.

Here’s another idea: Every office should have one toilet designated for pooping.

#10 No loud music

Credit: Twitter @SuzAtTheLibrary

You heard that right, keep your playlist to yourself. Those who obstruct this law will be thrown out of the bus window without warning.

#11 Sick days

Credit: Twitter @victoria_pike

How great would this law be? If one of your colleagues comes into work sick and then passes on the germs to you, you get dibs on one of their sick days. You heard it, people. If you want to keep your precious sick days, you know what to not do.

#12 Slow walk

Credit: Twitter @itsleahbale

Don’t you just hate it when people walk slowly in front of you on the street? We all have places to go and things to do. If you want to walk in slow-mo, go star in a music video!

#13 Student loans

Credit: Twitter @bgigglings

Seems fair.

#14 Spell check

Credit: Twitter @OCaptnMyCaptn

This law would change the world for the better. All those strange spellings that popped up thanks to online chat and text messaging are messing with people’s brains. If people keep this up, kids will no longer know how to spell properly years from now. Oh, and if you’re one of those rare species that still texts with complete words, let’s be friends!

#15 Be kind to animals

Credit: Twitter @TVBrittanyF

Seeing a dog with blue hair might seem funny but the fact is that dying an animal’s fur can cause them stress and can lead to allergy complications.

#16 Me Day

Credit: Twitter @jazzy_j_97

A week composed of 8 days may sound terrifying, except if the 8th day is a “me day”!

#17 Lie detector

Credit: Twitter @danaolitaogden

We’re worried that many politicians would end up dying from the repeated electric shocks.

#18 Carpeted bathrooms

Credit: Twitter @spaceboyr00


What kind of person willingly carpets their bathrooms? What’s the reasoning behind this madness? Please explain your side so we can better understand.

#19 English only

Credit: Twitter @RtotheTtotheC

This one speaks volumes of the unfortunate racism that some people have towards non-English speaking foreigners.  News flash – English is not the only language in the world – there are roughly 6,500 existing languages in total circulation.

#20 Macarena punishment

Credit: Twitter @pittys_mom

We wouldn’t dare nuke fish or burn popcorn in the breakroom of this lady’s office.

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