Jimmy Fallon asked viewers what laws the world is missing, and the responses are hilarious

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It’s common knowledge that there are laws that everyone needs to abide by. It’s simple; don’t kill anyone, don’t hurt anyone, don’t steal, and clean up after your pets. Aside from these universal rules that are obviously essential, what other laws does the world need?  If you’d ask us, we would declare 3-day weekends for everyone or that people need to take an entrance exam before being allowed to use social media.

Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show asked his viewers to voice out their ideas with the hashtag #ThereShouldBeALaw and the results are hilarious.

#1 Anti face filters

Credit: Twitter @namastemfers

This would save a hell of a lot of people from being cat-fished. But wouldn’t it be great if dating apps could automatically detect face filters?